Former Hillary Staffer Rips ‘Incredibly Arrogant’ Libs for Snubbing Trump Voters

Annafi Wahed's friends think the president's supporters were 'duped,' are 'not the norm,' and 'are an aberration'

Former Hillary Clinton staffer Annafi Wahed rebuked her “liberal friends” Thursday for panning President Donald Trump’s supporters as sexist, racist, xenophobic, or “duped” into voting for him during the 2016 presidential election.

Wahed wrote a blistering op-ed published in The Wall Street Journal on Sunday called “A Warning to My Fellow Liberals.” She wrote that “burying our heads in the sand and hoping everyone we disagree with goes away is not an effective solution.”

“We were once the party of hope and change, the party of tolerance and inclusivity,” she wrote. “From one liberal to another: Can we stop the ideological purity tests and admit that there are more ways than one of solving a problem? Can we please stop being such jerks?”

During her Thursday interview on “Fox & Friends,” co-host Steve Doocy asked Wahed, “You’re calling your friends jerks! What are they doing?”

“I really am,” Wahed replied. “I think they’re — I won’t say all — but most of my liberal friends are very well-intentioned, but their comments are so arrogant and so elitist, and it’s a symptom of a much larger problem. The media bubbles and the echo chambers are so persistent that they don’t know how to engage constructively with ideas that are not their own.”

Wahed, founder of TheFlipSide.io, a site that published liberal and conservative commentary, wrote in her op-ed that she has fielded “unconstructive criticism” from her liberal friends for including conservative voices on her website.

These criticisms included, “We need to convince the Trump supporters they’ve been duped,” “Trump supporters are not the norm; they are an aberration” and “You’re a traitor to the cause.”

Although she is a self-described, “card-carrying member of the liberal elite,” Wahed wrote that she refuses “to believe that 63 million of my fellow Americans were ‘duped,’ that exposing people to different viewpoints is betraying ‘the cause,’ or that liberals have all the answers.”

“And it’s incredibly arrogant of liberals to think that all 63 million were duped or are sexist or racist or xenophobic or, you know, enter some other negative connotation, right?” Wahed told Doocy.

“I will say our side does not do a good job of reaching out to others, of admitting that there may be more than one way of looking at a problem. And that’s what my op-ed is about,” she continued. “I’m really worried about 2018. We thought Hillary Clinton would win in 2016, and right now we’re expecting a blue wave.”

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But Wahed, who is “not so sure” that the Democrats will enjoy a “blue wave” takeover of the House and Senate in November, hopes to warn her liberal friends to avoid becoming both complacent and pompous.

Wahed noted that she first sent her op-ed to The New York Times and The Washington Post because those outlets were “my liberal friends’ favorites.” But she said that The Times and the Post rejected her op-ed.

“I was sorely disappointed because I was really hoping that it would be read by liberals,” Wahed said, although she thanked the conservative-leaning WSJ for publishing her piece.

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