‘We Hate the Oscars!’ Regular People Speak Up

Academy extravaganza on Sunday night was merely a 'platform' for any 'idiotic idea out there' — readers share how they really feel

“I stopped watching this drivel when I realized the Academy was just a popularity contest and platform to promote every idiotic idea out there,” a reader wrote to LifeZette, over the weekend, on the subject of the Oscars.

She is hardly alone. Many others posted comments on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. And though hundreds of thousands of people were (and are) still without power across the Mid-Atlantic and New England after last week’s storm and could not watch the program anyway — plenty of everyday Americans did not and would not watch the awards show no matter what.

As a sort of anti-Oscars after the big wet kiss offered all weekend long to the 90th Academy Awards and all those being congratulated by their peers, here’s an array of commentary from hardworking and patriotic Americans who say they long ago had their fill of the self-important Hollywood glitterati and elites.

Certainly, there are worthy entertainers and worthy projects. But the vast majority of Hollywood-based entertainers are mistaken if they think they speak for all Americans.

(And how much were those Oscar “swag bags” worth, again? Shouldn’t the Academy rethink those?)

Let the people have their say:

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“We don’t watch award shows anymore. We’re past fed up with ‘celebs.’ They’re such hypocrites — against guns, yet they have armed bodyguards. They lecture us on global warming yet fly around the world in private jets. They’re filthy rich and have no clue what it’s like to make out a monthly budget and stick to it.”

“Did not watch … used to love them … no more.”

“Kimmel is not a talented host. As a matter of fact, he really has no talent at all. They call him a comedian, but not many people are laughing with him. Most people these days are laughing at him.”

“Give all the men and women who serve us every day the awards — they deserve it.”

“So glad I missed this piece of garbage! Instead, we watched a biography of the Rev. Billy Graham. We watched a man of God’s life instead of watching trashy Hollywood people congratulating one another for being trashy Hollywood people.”

“I don’t watch them anymore! I choose where and what my money goes toward in entertainment.”

“The #MeToo movement feels like bullying at this point. We know already.”

“These people make their money pretending to kill people with … can’t be … but it is … They use guns in their movies. Lots and lots of guns. Sometimes in self-defense just like … wait for it … an NRA member. I am so confused.”

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“Did not watch. These people are morally bankrupt, and they are going to tell me what I should think?”

“When looking for political advice, the last place I look is to an individual who makes a living pretending to be someone they are not while they repeat words others wrote for them. When they speak, I wonder who wrote their script … Haven’t watched any award show in decades … When I want to be entertained, I usually look for an old movie where they displayed positive values and there was very little violence.”

“A few eccentric celebrities don’t bother me, but it is disturbing that so many Americans think George Clooney would be a good president.”

“Are the Oscars still on? I thought they were canceled because all the rapists were outed and there was no one left to go. I won’t be watching; I have to wash my hair.”

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“I’d like to see them auctioning their swag bags and using the proceeds to help pay for weapons training classes for teachers and administrators myself. Maybe contributions to the RNC.”

“Remember, most actors have an 8th grade education. There’s nothing wrong with that in itself, but these are basically well-paid children.”

“Most obnoxious. Most propagandist. Most deceitful. Most hypocritical …”

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“Why watch liberal snowflakes? They believe they are better than us — meaning us working Americans. These so-called celebs are just that. Live in gated houses with armed security guards and armed bodyguards. Make movies that don’t make a profit and the same movie gets nominated for Best Picture. They made their bed with the devil — they can sleep in it.”

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