To Prosper, Sweden Must Stop Colluding with Globalists Like the Clinton Foundation

Homeland of the Northmen now suffers much as Americans do from politicians and elitists who put themselves before the public interest

When 2016 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump questioned open immigration policies into Sweden, elites scorned him.

So President Trump’s meeting Tuesday with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven may break important ground for his afflicted people, especially if business potentates accompanying Löfven appreciate, and can later sell, the wisdom of Trump’s anti-globalist, and anti-bureaucracy agenda.

Making America and Sweden Great Again. Though Sweden’s left-leaning media, politicians, and academics delight in savaging Trump personally and for his policies, leaders from our nations should meet and do it regularly.

For, in truth, America’s links with Sweden are longstanding, and American clients are key targets of opportunity for Swedish exporters. Moreover, Swedish companies and investors own substantial assets inside the United States of America.

Trump’s continued success in eliminating the Obama regulatory overhang and promoting economic growth in the world’s largest unified market should help investors in both countries.

But what about making Sweden and America truly great again for workers and their families? Some 13 centuries ago in England, residents there would pray, “Save us from the Northmen.”

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Their hope was that those words would stop marauding Vikings who ultimately scored immense wealth in raids that changed the course of history across Europe. Bribes first, and later stout defenses, repelled Viking raids eventually, but then new marauders arrived in the continuous ebb and flow of history.

Since the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, people everywhere have been seeking relief from the latest gangs attacking the vulnerable, the self-appointed “thought-leaders,” who relentlessly promoted unregulated globalist schemes that sound appealing in concept, yet mostly enrich promoters in practice.

In Sweden and America for decades, too many elitists have unwisely embraced globalism even as an overwhelming majority of people suffered under these “initiatives.”

Fulfilling jobs, rising incomes, secure pensions, and even physical safety are dreams today, rather than reality, for all but the well-connected inside both of our nations.

Now, with numerous unvetted and hostile immigrants in Sweden, most Swedes are even worse off than in years past, wondering about their futures and warily watching the pending exit of Great Britain from the European Union, even as they blindly re-elect globalists.

Meanwhile, in haste to curry favor at the United Nations and its affiliated international bureaucracies on foreign projects, Swedish leaders strangled workers in their home market with expensive social experiments and punishing taxes.

The contrast between the present courses of America and Sweden is stark and revealing, almost like the world-leading and enduring art of Ingmar Bergman, advancing the human condition through brooding inquiry.

In Sweden, the arc of history since 1989 demonstrates that “Stockholm Syndrome” — when victims feel sympathy and affection for their captors — can infect an important nation for an entire generation. Strangely, globalism still appeals, while nationalist thinking is almost suspect.

In the present reality play, Trump’s DNA casts him as a “disruptive national actor” determined to throw off the heavy yoke that unregulated globalism brings upon American and Swedish workers, whose incomes are being pummeled and hopes crushed.

The question is what role Löfven will choose. Can a former welder, union leader now become a left-leaning politician, be weaned from the seduction that unregulated globalism offers to Sweden’s multinational corporate, investment, academic, and media elites?

Save Us All From Globalists. To help America and Sweden win together, our persuasive leader should tout the benefits of respectful nationalism and explain the perils seen in each of our nations.

Unfortunately for Löfven, key proponents of unregulated globalism seem to include Margot Wallström, Sweden’s foreign minister, and many in the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

As explained here in detail, Wallström, while working with Swedish Postcode Lottery, and SIDA have been major donors to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation and to its affiliate Clinton Health Access Initiative, increasing financial support to these supposed charities, even as investigations in the U.S. and other countries mounted.

So, it may be that historical ties binding the Clintons with Sweden impede improving relations between the Trump Administration and the Löfven government.

To be continued.

Charles Ortel, a retired investment banker, concentrates on exposing complex frauds in his new career as an investigator, writer and commentator. Since August 2017, he has been hosting the “Sunday with Charles” podcast and covering the Clinton Foundation case in depth, using publicly available source materials.

(photo credit, homepage image: Almedalsveckan Visby Stefan Löfven, CC BY 2.0, by News Øresund – Johan Wessman; photo credit, article image: Stefan Löfven…, CC BY 2.0, by Socialdemokraterna)

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