Never Mind a Hangover — This Teenager’s Droopy Eyelid Meant Much More

When several family members commented on this young woman's appearance, she knew it was time to investigate

A teenager who noticed her eyelid was drooping thought it was due to drinking alcohol, but later discovered it was a brain tumor.

During a Facetime chat, Megan Barker’s boyfriend was the first to point out that her eyes looked “uneven.”

The 19-year-old told the news service SWNS, “My boyfriend said to me, ‘There’s something wrong with your eyes,’ and he said they weren’t even.”

But travel agent Megan initially blamed it on having a few drinks — until her family noticed her left eye was drooping three weeks later, on Christmas Day.

“There [were] eight of us there and every person had asked what was wrong with my eye.”

She further noted, “This is when I think I first started realizing it wasn’t just me that was noticing the change in it.”

In late December, CT scans and X-rays revealed a mass pressing on her left eye socket.

Doctors decided the tumor was too big and proceeded to perform a bifrontal craniotomy in February.

“It was really scary and stressful, but they said because it was affecting my vision, they couldn’t just leave it,” she said.

Surgeons had to saw open her skull and peel back her face to remove the mass, which had been crushing her eye socket.

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“They pulled my skin from my face down, cut the top part of my skull out, reconstructed the socket, took the mass and the sinus out, and then put the skull back together with pins,” the British teenager explained.

She is recovering at home and awaiting test results on the growth, which doctors suspect is a mass of calcium.

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