Late-Night Hosts Try to Spin North Korea News into Something Really, Really Bad

Leftist comedians like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel worked hard to rewrite the narrative about Trump's progress with Kim Jong-un

President Donald Trump scored a big victory by earning a sit-down with North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un on Thursday. Past administrations have not known how to deal with the leader of the rogue regime, but under this administration, it appears a big shift is happening as we speak.

The president had previously taunted Kim on Twitter and dubbed him “Little Rocket Man.” Whether one agrees with those methods or not, it’s tough to argue with the results.

That is, however, exactly what many of America’s loony late-night hosts did. They are so caught up in anti-Trump hysteria that they must spin absolutely everything about Trump into something bad — really, really bad. (How these people function in everyday life is anyone’s guess.)

Jimmy Kimmel waved off the meeting, downplaying it by saying that Trump is “not still going to be president by May” — and May is when the meeting might take place.

Kimmel then joked the meeting would be between the “two worst haircuts in the world.”

Stephen Colbert, for his part, refused to accept the notion of any progress at all — and the fact that North Korea will reportedly suspend nuclear tests for the meeting.

“They’ve gone from ‘We’ll blow up Guam’ to ‘We pinky-swear not to blow up Guam for a few days,” said the late-night host.

Colbert also retorted, “How about bringing peace to your own country first?”

He added that the meeting will finally prove who has a “bigger button.”

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