20 Everyday Americans Slam the Oscar Elites: ‘They Should Be Ashamed’

Readers share how they really feel about an out-of-touch Hollywood industry that loves to celebrate itself

After publishing a piece about the Oscar “swag bags” that contain all kinds of luxurious goodies for the 2018 Academy Award nominees — including pepper spray and drink kits for anyone worried about sexual perpetrators — we didn’t expect the outpouring of comments we received from readers about Hollywood.

But on social media, folks didn’t hold back.

Hollywood has rarely been in tune with the feelings and situations of everyday Americans who believe in faith, family, community, the American flag, patriotism, and good, old-fashioned hard work.

The elites of the entertainment world have long considered themselves better than others, long considered themselves operating on a “higher plane.” They tend to think they’re above the conditions and predicaments of those who toil 24/7 and who plan for the futures of their children and grandchildren as best they can.

Sure, some celebrities give to charity. Some do good in their lives. Many “give back.” Many do create compelling and thoughtful projects that are worth seeing and enjoying.

But far too many liberal Hollywood “stars” worry only about themselves, their pals, their industry, and their little corner of the universe. And that’s a shame.

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As the Academy salutes itself Sunday night — and almost certainly goes after the sitting president of the United States with dagger-edged insults posing as “comedy” — here’s what the real people say about Hollywood.

Here are 20 from-the-heart comments our readers shared with us on Facebook (and on a Saturday, no less) about the entertainment elites — who wouldn’t be where they are if other people didn’t pay good money for their so-called creative endeavors:

1.) “To the Hollywood elites who make millions — you should be ashamed to accept such extravagant gifts while you ignore the thousands of homeless people on the streets of California. Haven’t watched the Oscars for many years. Trash!”

2.) “Hollywood thinks it has the high moral ground. After all, they tell everyone what to do, right? They even go so far as to consider George Clooney and Oprah for a run for president because — they’re so in touch with reality? Enough said.”

3.) “Who cares about the Oscars? Those in Hollywood only do remake movies, and any new movie is so far out in space you can’t understand it.”

4.) “Just imagine how many people that amount of money would feed and house. Disgusting waste of money for self-entitled, so-called celebs.”

5.) “Hollywood filth … no thanks.”

6.) “Swag bags worth $100,000 — they should be ashamed of themselves.”

7.) “How about throwing in some common sense?”

8.) “How about a cellphone to call the police?”

9.) “Don’t care, won’t watch.”

10.) “Not watching, not wasting my time.”

11.) “A $100,000 swag bag just goes to show how arrogant these people are.”

12.) “They are all so stupid and immature. Most two-year-olds act more responsibly and reasonably.”

13.) “Boycott the Oscars!”

14.) “They don’t even deserve a mention.”

15.) “Let’s start our own ‘resist’ movement. Do not watch the Oscars, the Emmys, or any other self-gratifying awards show! Do not go to any of their movies, either! AND those liberal merchants that do not respect our military or first responders — avoid them like the plague!”

16.) “Liberals need to defend themselves from one another.”

17.) “I will watch the Oscars when they give awards for the biggest pedophile, the biggest pervert, the biggest rapist … and so on … No, I won’t! LOL!”

18.) “Why even have these ridiculous events anymore? They’ve always been nothing but a popularity contest and political correctness.”

19.) “I’d watch it if they have a pepper spray fight.”

20.) “Not watching it! They hate too much, and I as an American am sick and tired of their crap! Their hate is too overwhelming, and life is too precious for me to watch grown people act like fools!”

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