Why ‘Package Theft’ Is a Bigger Problem Than Ever

In rural areas, more home deliveries are stolen than anywhere else in the country — here's how to combat the crime

With more and more American consumers shopping online, package theft is a legitimate concern for busy homeowners.

According to a recent study from video security company Blink, rural areas have a higher rate of packages being stolen, citing North Dakota, Vermont, Arkansas and New Mexico as the states with the highest rates of package theft.

No matter how major or minor a purchase may be, no one wants to have their deliveries stolen before they even make it inside the house.

To that end, Blink’s in-house home expert, David Laubner, shared five savvy strategies for combating package theft and keeping your home secure.

1.) Schedule deliveries for when you are home. “Many delivery services will give you options for scheduling a package delivery. For instance, if you work all week, you may be able to pay a little extra to have the item sent to your home over the weekend. Other companies even offer night deliveries,” Laubner advises.

“If your schedule is sporadic, more often than not you can request a specific window of time during which the package will be delivered.”

2.) Leave delivery drop-off instructions. “Want your package placed at the back door or behind a planter on your porch instead? Leave a note specifying what less conspicuous spot you would like it left. Some frequent shoppers have even opted for a locked box on their front steps, and provided the delivery driver with the combination!”

“You can specify the specific drop-off location and instructions ahead of time with the USPS, FedEx and UPS online.”

3.) Install an outdoor security camera. “Position an outdoor home security camera to point directly at your front door so you can keep an eye out for weekly deliveries like Amazon Prime, Blue Apron, Stitch Fix, and more,” Laubner says.

4.) Require a signature upon delivery. “If you have a spouse, roommate, or adult child that is at home during the day, opt to have the delivery service carrier require a signature before handing off the package. This way there is documentation of both the written transaction and an actual delivery of the item.”

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5.) Place security stickers and yard signs on your property. “Something that always keeps burglars guessing are security yard signs and stickers. Place them strategically in areas of your property where they will catch the attention of someone walking on your property,” Laubner suggests.

“For example, yard signs should be placed as close to the street as possible (and in more than one location!), whereas stickers should be placed on first-floor windows and glass screen doors. Show that your home isn’t one to be messed with.”

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