Exclusive: Check Out This Clip from One of Jon Voight’s Latest

Here is behind-the-scenes footage from 'Same Kind of Different As Me,' a faith-friendly film for the whole family

“Same Kind of Different As Me” — which hit theaters in the fall of 2017 and now comes to home video on February 20 — is yet another example of how faith-based and faith-friendly movies are slowly making a return to the mainstream in Hollywood.

Starring top-notch actors Greg Kinnear, Renée Zellweger, Djimon Honsou, and Jon Voight, the film was distributed by Pure Flix Entertainment. It tells the true story of a struggling couple (Kinear and Zellweger) who meet a seemingly violent homeless man (Honsou). Slowly, the three befriend each other and begin growing together thanks to their unique relationships.

Though a vast majority of Hollywood’s content is still moving in a cynical and dark direction, “Same Kind of Different As Me” is one of the few films with a positive message to emerge recently. Along with “Let There Be Light” and a few other projects, it attempts to provide hope at a time of great cultural strife.

It’s a movie very much relevant to our still-ongoing cultural divides. It deals with both racism and how people from very different backgrounds can help and love one another.

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Here, LifeZette presents an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip, below, from “Same Kind of Different As Me.”

In it, the filmmakers discuss the rebuilding and revitalizing of various locations in Jackson, Mississippi — activities that surely helped the movie itself but also benefited the community, which so graciously welcomed the film into its midst.

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“Same Kind of Different As Me” is available now digitally; you can preorder it on home video here.

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