National Rifle Association (NRA) spokeswoman Dana Loesch slammed mainstream media outlets on Thursday, saying they “love mass shootings” and “love the ratings” during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Loesch spoke just over a week after a gunman killed 17 victims at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, using an AR-15 rifle. CNN held a televised town hall Wednesday night with Florida lawmakers and school shooting survivors and their parents that heavily focused on legislation that could prevent other mass shootings. But Loesch offered “legacy media” outlets — and CNN, in particular — some harsh criticism.

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“Many in legacy media love mass shootings. You guys love it,” Loesch said. “Now, I’m not saying that you love tragedy. But I am saying that you love the ratings. Crying white mothers are ratings gold to you and many in the legacy media in the back [of the room].”

“And notice I said, ‘crying white mothers,’ because there are thousands of grieving black mothers in Chicago every weekend and you don’t see town halls for them, do you?” Loesch continued.

Chicago had 762 homicides in 2016 — 3,550 shootings and 4,331 victims, which proved to be its deadliest rate in 19 years, according to data from the Chicago Police Department.

That city experienced 650 homicides in 2017, including 2,785 shootings and 3,457 victims.

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“Where’s the CNN town hall for Chicago?” Loesch asked. “Where’s the CNN town hall for sanctuary cities? Where was the CNN town hall for Jamiel Shaw Sr., whose son was murdered by someone who illegally entered the country and had been deported repeatedly?”

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Shaw, an African-American father whose 17-year-old son was killed in Los Angeles in 2008 by an illegal immigrant gang member from Mexico — who had been released previously from prison — supported President Donald Trump and spoke at some of his campaign rallies.

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“Where was his voice?” Loesch asked.

“But I’m really looking at a lot of the legacy media back there on the platform,” Loesch continued. “And you can write whatever you want about me and you can come find me in the hallways and you can scream at me and you can try to confront me. But I’m here. We’re here. We’re not going anywhere. I call BS!”

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