Campus Collusion: Anti-Trump Training Offered at California College

At San Diego State University, about $200 buys a course on how to impeach the sitting president of the United States

It’s official. They’re not even bothering to hide it anymore.

San Diego State University (SDSU) students, beginning in March, can take an obviously-not-politically-motivated-at-all course titled “Trump: Impeachment, Removal, or Conviction?”

The school’s College of Extended Studies and American Language Institute offers the following in its official description of the two-day, one-credit-hour extension course in unseating the current president: “Focus will be on the two constitutional grounds: impeachment and removal (25th Amendment) … and grounds for impeachment, removal, or indictment covering: conflict of interests, foreign emoluments, climate change, racism, religious bias, improper influence, nepotism, and a host of crimes, including conspiracy, false statements, and obstruction of justice.”

The only required text for the course is a book by Allan Lichtman called “The Case for Impeachment.” Lichtman, who correctly predicted Trump’s 2016 triumph, wrote the best-seller last year.

“I think the Russian connection would be the most likely source of impeachment,” Lichtman said in an interview with Time magazine last year. “There sure is a lot of smoke. And my own suspicion is there’s some kind of fire that’s producing this smoke. Whether it’s serious enough to warrant impeachment, we don’t know yet.”

Newsflash: There was collusion, all right — but the Russian collusion was perpetrated by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

In the description of the book on its Amazon page lies this tall tale: “In clear, nonpartisan terms, Lichtman lays out the reasons Congress could remove Trump from the Oval Office: his ties to Russia before and after the election, the complicated financial conflicts of interest at home and abroad, and his abuse of executive authority.”

Perhaps some people need to take another look at the definition of the word nonpartisan.

Case in point: MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough described the book as “liberal catnip.”

The anti-Trump text for the course will apparently be delivered by an anti-conservative professor as well. Shocker. This professor, John Joseph Cleary, a former attorney, served in the early 1970s as the first executive director of Federal Defenders of San Diego Inc., or FDSDI. The organization has a history of appellate victories both at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

Trump, of course, has not been much of a fan of recent 9th Circuit decisions.

The FDSDI website says Cleary left private practice in 2004 to teach in Moscow. He also established criminal justice student exchange programs in Russia and China for SDSU’s School of Public Affairs. During his legal career, he argued a landmark case before the Supreme Court, United States v. Brignoni-Ponce, in which racial profiling by police was deemed a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

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One comment on Cleary’s Rate My Professors online profile from several years ago bluntly described him this way: “Cleary is a crazy man! Losing it in his old age. Very liberal and seems like he might like younger girls … but also very intelligent, well versed on subject matter … He is a passionate teacher. Kicked [a**] in the public defenders office.”

“Very liberal” may be the understatement of the year.

Michele Blood is a Flemington, New Jersey-based freelance writer and regular contributor to LifeZette.