I am a little confused by the #MeToo feminists who have stood by for years while they knew the famous “casting couch” was in full swing — but wanted their time in the spotlight so badly they would endure whatever that entailed.

For any of the glittering elite at the Golden Globes the other night who acquiesced, kept silent, and went on to embrace fame and fortune, you made your choice. You chose to sell your soul to get a shot at the apple. For all who have joined the #MeToo movement while pulling in millions for film work and living lavish lifestyles while thousands of other young women were forced through those same doors of degradation, your protests sound a little hollow.

Check the roles you have played, and what those roles did to further the falsehood that women are sex objects and are only viable if they are “hot.” Every show on HBO and now Netflix has the required soft-porn and dehumanizing-to-women scenes that validate it and put it on the level of “acceptable art.” All involved are congratulated and given little blocks of Lucite with inscriptions verifying that yes, indeed, they took part in the degradation of women. And it is all caught on film.

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For decades the feminists have claimed that women are like men and have the same sexual drives and should have the right to satisfy those desires in the same way they have seen men do for years. They desired to embrace the worst elements of men while denying that which sets all women apart; they used to be worthy of the pedestals men would create for them.

Just that concept alone was so disgusting for feminists that they moved to crash the pedestals, streak naked on campuses, burn bras, practice free love and ultimately protest to have the right to kill the offspring of those unions. Yippee, women. You “became” men. You insisted you be treated like men — and oh, that you were tough enough to take it. But if someone brushes against your backside, you cry.

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By now, declaring that all unwanted touching, comments, looks, or even gestures should be reason enough to burn all men at the stake, you have declared your feminist movement a complete and total disaster. You are not real feminists because you didn’t go into the director’s office prepared for what you knew was going to happen.

You wanted that position so badly, you would do anything — even pose nude in your hero’s porn mags. It was an honor that women would seek to be in the centerfold of Playboy. It was an icon of women power — or so you thought. It was men laughing all the way to the bedroom after they convinced women it would empower them.

It’s like men yelling the loudest for the right of women to kill the product of their unprotected sex. No skin off the guy’s teeth. He’ll just jump in bed with another clueless bimbo who must have missed all the sex ed classes that started in kindergarten. And has anyone ever seen the books they use to teach kids about sex? Talk about dehumanizing and degrading.

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Why weren’t the mothers screaming about that? Oh, wait — they were. They were called prudes — and they were dismissed by the educational powers that be as obstacles to progress. They applauded then-President Bill Clinton for what he was doing with Monica Lewinsky — and declared that that sex act kept girls from becoming pregnant.

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Now that would be a legitimate #MeToo movement — all the young girls who were shamed by these classes, harassed by sexually active pubescents and made to feel abnormal if they joined abstinence groups and pledged to save themselves for marriage. They were mocked, ridiculed, shamed, and in some cases attacked and molested for their principled stance.

If these feminists really do believe that sexual harassment should not be tolerated at any level, then let’s see them move to take all sex out of every movie and TV show. Suggest that no act of violence against a woman should ever be tolerated. That would pretty much cut the run time of any “Game of Thrones” episode in half. It’s the women with money and power in the industry who tolerate all this.

Don’t just wear your sexy and revealing black dress, telling us you are so righteous on this issue — when most of you have committed the sin of allowing yourselves to be in a position for roles that show women in degrading or humiliating positions.

Talk is cheap — and as a woman, I have fought my whole life to speak for myself and let men know these women do not, and have never, spoken for me. They have tried to silence women like me because we don’t embrace their flawed political ideals. We don’t swoon at their leftist and social views while they claim to care about the poor but live in gated communities to protect themselves from them.

As a woman, I have fought my whole life to speak for myself and let men know these women do not, and have never, spoken for me.

Oh, sure, they’ll let them in to clean their toilets or drive their cars or cut their grass. But they have nothing in common with the poor; and those who came through that economic strata do everything they can to separate themselves from it while pushing failed socialist agendas on them.

These women are about groupthink, and the destruction of the individual. They will bully, with their magical pulpit, any who disagree or oppose them. They have great power and wield it effectively, which suggests that they always had the power to say no, to reject the job offer, to turn down the promotion or raise or to just say “buzz off” to any man who would say, “Yeah, that’s what I want to do to you.”

Here’s another good #MeToo movement. How many women have been dismissed, marginalized, disrespected and/or abused because of their political stance, their faith, their political party? Oh, let’s see: There was Sarah Palin, Phyllis Schlafly, Stacey Dash, Beverly LaHaye, Paula Jones, Ann Coulter, Kathleen Wiley, Condi Rice, Juanita Broderick,  Dana Loesch, Mia Love, Kellyanne Conway, and Sarah Sanders. Anyone see a pattern here at all?

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The #MeToo feminists embraced the women’s movement with glee knowing they were giving men more power over them — in so many ways. How many decades of Cosmo covers talked about women’s orgasms and the 10 billion ways to service or please a man? Seriously? These women can’t stand there pleading innocence and virtue when they were fanning the flames of sexual abuse. They started it — and now they want the rest of us to finish it while blaming all men for it.

Here’s how you finish it, Hollywood: Stop making movies that show women nude or having sex or being abused or having their tops ripped off, or whatever. You know the movies. And women in black: Cover up your breasts, stop strutting in the long-slitted skirts, pull up the plunge lines, and look up the word “modest.”

And men: There’s not much to say here — since men have only been doing what men have done since the beginning of time. The only difference is, the feminists gave them permission to do it.

So in the words of Barack Obama: “Get off your high horses.”

Nina May is a writer, producer and director, and currently the showrunner on “Daily Bread,” a faith-based post-apocalyptic drama.

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