‘Saturday Night Live’: Stale, Unfunny, Unraveling

What would this satire show ever do without Donald Trump? Where would it get any of its liberal-leaning material?

“Saturday Night Live” is as stale as the expired crackers many people will find in the back of their cupboards when they begin their spring cleaning.

Once upon a time, comedians cut their teeth on this comedy show. Once upon a time, aspiring comedians and scores of others were inspired by this show.

Today, “SNL” feels like little more than a CliffsNotes version of whatever the liberals on Twitter have been yelling at President Donald Trump about over the past week.

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It’s no wonder that — just days after social media mobs went nuts over the president’s official and “excellent” health assessment — that “SNL” decided to mock the proceedings in the cold open of its latest show.

And predictably, the show made its leftist bias clear from the get-go.

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“The president has a rockin’ bod with enough cushion for the pushin’ and if I could I would,” cast member Beck Bennett said of Trump’s medical status. “He’s healthy enough to be president for another 10 to 20 years, easy.”

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He later said the president had passed the “Tide pod challenge” when it came to his mental stability (a reference to the most recent and horrible internet “challenge” in which people put a laundry detergent pod in their mouths and record the results). 

Actress and noted Trump critic Jessica Chastain hosted the show and led a segment in which she asked, “What even matters anymore?” The predictably Trump-focused skit asked “contestants” about everything from rumors about an affair between adult star Stormy Daniels and the president years ago to Robert Mueller’s Russia collusion investigations.

“You’d think Trump supporters would get mad, but then Trump blurts out, ‘Chuck Schumer did it,’ and everyone believes him,” Chastain’s character said at one point in the segment in regard to the government shutdown. “It doesn’t even matter any more. Fake news, fake news!”

In the Weekend Update segment, cast member Kate McKinnon appeared as Robert Mueller (shown in the image above) for more anti-Trump “humor.”

“I just wanted to assure the American people that our investigation is progressing smoothly. We’re looking forward to a timely and orderly conclusion,” she said.

McKinnon added, “You know how you loved the show ‘Lost,’ but it never really came together? There was no satisfying ending. This ain’t ‘Lost.'”

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What’s most offensive about “SNL” is how plainly unfunny it is at this point. The incessant anti-Trump humor is overdone each and every week.

Sadly, the same show that “discovered” everyone from Adam Sandler to Norm MacDonald is now essentially a pat on the back for recently tweeting leftists. It’s little more than a weak validation for every single anti-Trumper who thinks he or she has something original to say about the current president. It’s a predictable mess and a shadow of its former self.

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