Angry Chef Picks a Bone with Fussy Vegan Diners

They didn't order the recipes she spent all day cooking for them — so she did something unthinkable in her Italian restaurant

A British chef is facing death threats after confessing on Facebook that she “spiked” a “pious and judgmental” vegan’s meal at her Italian restaurant on Saturday night.

Laura Goodman lost patience with a group of difficult vegan and vegetarian diners, who did not order some of the vegan recipes the Italian-born chef spent all day cooking for the group, the Telegraph reported.

Upset vegans attacked her actions on social media.

Some said she should be charged with assault, while others even threatened her with death, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Michael Gale, Goodman’s partner, apologized for the matter and told the Telegraph it was a “misunderstanding.”

“Laura had spoken to them before they came in and had suggested some dishes they might like to try, which they said they would be happy to order,” Gale said. “But instead when they did come in they only ordered two dishes off the standard menu, a roasted cauliflower dish and a margherita pizza, which obviously has buffalo mozzarella cheese.”

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The restaurant reported death threats to the police, the report said.

One commenter posted, “Feeding a non-vegan meal to someone who has made the compassionate or potentially even medical choice not to eat animal products intentionally is disgraceful and then to brag about it on your Facebook page. I hope you are ashamed of yourself.”

This Fox News piece by Amy Lieu is used by permission.

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