America Is ‘Open for Business,’ Trump Tells Global Leaders

President announces to Davos assembly the United States wants reciprocal trade deals and a growing world economy

President Donald Trump told world leaders at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss Alps Friday that the United States is back, “open for business,” surging economically — and ready to take on new business investment from around the world.

“The world is witnessing the resurgence of a strong and prosperous America,” Trump told world leaders at the forum in Davos, Switzerland. “There has never been a better time to hire, to build, to invest and to grow in the United States. America is open for business, and we are competitive once again.”

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Trump said the United States seeks reciprocal trade deals that are fair for everybody, but the United States would not be the world’s sucker anymore.

“We will enforce our trade laws and restore integrity to the trading system,” said Trump. “Only by insisting on fair and reciprocal trade can we create a system that works not just for the U.S. but for all nations.”

The president’s speech was also strong endorsement of policies protecting blue-collar workers. Trump said he is interested in trade deals separately with nations in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade agreement for which he ended negotiations last year because he feared it would hurt jobs in the United States.

Trump suggested his policies must be doing something right: He boasted of a $7 trillion creation in wealth, record stock markets, with 2.4 million jobs created in 2017.

Trump also touted the lowest black unemployment rate in the history of U.S. employment statistics. He reminded world leaders they too have to lift up forgotten people in their nations.

“We must invest in our people,” said Trump. “When people are forgotten, the world becomes fractured.”

“We must invest in our people,” said Trump. “When people are forgotten, the world becomes fractured. Only by hearing and responding to the voices of the forgotten can we create a bright future that is truly shared by all.

“The nation’s greatness is more than the sum of its production and a nation’s greatness is the sum of its citizens, the values, pride, love, devotion and character of the people who call that nation home.”

Trump emphasized throughout his remarks that America is a great place to do business, thanks mainly to his policies, especially the recently enacted tax reform package.

“We lowered our corporate tax rate from 35 percent all the way down to 21 percent,” said Trump. “As a result, millions of workers have received tax cut bonuses from their employers in amounts as large as $3,000.”

Americans are also growing more prosperous because of this strategy, he said, and the environment is expected to improve because of the removal of regulatory barriers.

“The tax cut bill is expected to raise the average American’s household income by more than $4,000,” said Trump. “The world’s largest company, Apple, announced it plans to bring $245 billion in overseas profits home to America. Their total investment into the United States economy will be more than $350 billion over the next five years.

“Now is the perfect time to bring your business, your jobs, and your investments to the United States. This is especially true because we have undertaken the most extensively regulatory reduction ever conceived. Regulation is stealth taxation.”

Trump defended putting America first, after years of a more global role in trade treaties and global environmental regulatory schemes.

“I believe in America,” Trump said. “As president of the United States, I will always put America first, just like the leaders of other countries should put their country first also. But ‘America First’ does not mean America alone.”

And it means welcoming global leaders to the United States, to help build, he said.

“Today, I am inviting all of you to become part of this incredible future we are building together,” Trump said.

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