President Donald Trump will unveil his National Security Strategy on Monday, a policy that will stress a friendly but firm rivalry with Russia and China, and one that will seek to end terrorism and promote “America First” policies.

In a pre-speech news release from the White House, the president outlined his strategies for national security.

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A main goal will be to “restore respect for the United States abroad and renew American confidence at home.”

Trump will outline “four pillars” of the national security: to protect the homeland, the American people, and American way of life; to promote American prosperity; to preserve peace through strength; and to advance American influence.

Trump makes clear he wants to take on Russia and China as they seek to use disinformation to expand their influence and demean democratic states. The administration will take on such “revisionist powers … that use technology, propaganda and coercion to shape a world antithetical to our interests and values.”

Second, Trump said his policies will target regional dictators who spread terror, threaten neighbors, and pursue weapons of mass destruction.

Third, the administration will take on jihadi terrorists “that foment hatred to incite violence against innocents in the name of a wicked ideology, and transnational criminal organizations that spill drugs and violence into our communities.”

Part of Trump’s strategy to protect the homeland will be to strengthen control of U.S. borders and reform of immigration systems “to protect the homeland and restore our sovereignty.”

Trump will target criminal organizations that traffic in terrorism and drugs.

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“Transnational criminal organizations [are] tearing apart our communities with drugs and violence and weakening our allies and partners by corrupting democratic institutions,” Trump said. “We will confront threats before they ever reach our borders or cause harm to our people. We will redouble our efforts to protect our critical infrastructure and digital networks, because new technology and new adversaries create new vulnerabilities.

“Trump will also stress the power of the U.S. economy, the largest in the world, to wield influence globally. This will mean an end to unfair trade agreements, and theft of intellectual property.

“We will rejuvenate the American economy for the benefit of American workers and companies, which is necessary to restore our national power,” Trump said. “America will no longer tolerate chronic trade abuses and will pursue free, fair, and reciprocal economic relationships. To succeed in this 21st-century geopolitical competition, America must lead in research, technology, and innovation. We will protect our national security innovation base from those who steal our intellectual property and unfairly exploit the innovation of free societies.”

Trump will stress global peace through strength, a tenet also preached by former President Ronald Reagan.

“We will rebuild America’s military strength to ensure it remains second to none,” Trump said. “America will use all of the tools of statecraft in a new era of strategic competition — diplomatic, information, military, and economic — to protect our interests. America will strengthen its capabilities across numerous domains, including space and cyber, and revitalize capabilities that have been neglected.”

Trump will say allies must increase their share of defense spending.

Trump’s remarks indicate he seeks global U.S. influence, without using harsh tools to achieve it. Instead, Trump said he will use diplomacy and economic incentives to trade with the world’s largest economic power.

“We must continue to enhance our influence overseas to protect the American people and promote our prosperity,” said Trump. “America’s diplomatic and development efforts will compete to achieve better outcomes in all arenas — bilateral, multilateral, and in the information realm — to protect our interests, find new economic opportunities for Americans, and challenge our competitors. America will seek partnerships with like-minded states to promote free market economies, private sector growth, political stability, and peace.”

Trump’s National Security Strategy was compiled within 11 months of his inauguration, something senior administration officials boasted about. The document usually takes more than a year to write.

The strategy is required by law to be compiled by a new president and presented to Congress. But Trump may be the first president to share an outline with the public.

White House officials said the speech contained priorities mentioned in Trump’s three major speeches on security, which were given in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Warsaw, Poland; and the United Nations General Assembly Hall in New York.

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