Fr. Mike Schmitz of Minnesota, chaplain for Newman Catholic Campus Ministry at the University of Minnesota Duluth, talks passionately about the creed that “directs my life” — and that directs the lives of all of us as faithful Christians.

“In this video, Fr. Mike delivers a crackdown on habitual criticism,” according to a description of his newest video.

“He discusses how easy it is to criticize something, and how hard it is to create something and open yourself to be critiqued. While pointing out how excessive criticism is a form of cowardice, he invites us to have courage and stand for the Creed — while accepting the risk of criticism that comes with doing so.”

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He’s talking about getting to the truth, but also about trying to create a creed. “You and I are called to stand for something … We’re made to create. We’re built for that,” he says.

Check out this important video below:

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Fr. Schmitz’s video series is courtesy of Ascension Presents.