Hollywood’s worship of former President Barack Obama is just downright creepy. The adulation and love the man receives from A-list celebrities even now is not based on accomplishment, but on delusional notions about the power of celebrity.

Obama spent his presidency rubbing shoulders with the stars, in Hollywood and elsewhere. He also spent time chatting up his music choices on “The View” — so liberal celebrities feel like he’s “one of them.”

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To get a sense of the “Cult of Obama” in Hollywood, one need look no further than the fictional works created about the man. While presidents like Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and others have been openly mocked or rightly criticized on television and in film, Obama has mostly received generous or appreciative pats on the back.

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Two films came out at the end of his presidency that documented different periods in his life. “Barry” and “Southside with You” delivered loving looks at a man Hollywood just cannot seem to get enough of, oddly. Despite his unfulfilled promises and a crumbling economy, Obama was hoisted on the shoulders of his big Hollywood donors — and they got right to work in rewriting history for him and buffing up his image through film.

Few presidents receive a treatment even close to this. George W. Bush became a buffoon-like character in plenty of comedies — and the same with the left-leaning Bill Clinton.

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Even more serious dramas revolving around presidents have criticized or offered down-the-middle looks at leaders and their actions, such as Oliver Stone’s “W.” — which chronicled the presidency of George W. Bush and was released as he was leaving office.

There are also so many film and television projects revolving around President Donald Trump that it’s pretty easy to lose count.

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During the Bush presidency, plenty of films directly criticized him and the wars in the Middle East, no matter how disastrous the box office results were, including “Lions for Lambs,” “Green Zone,” and “In the Valley of Elah.”

During Obama’s presidency? Well, Hollywood seemingly forgot about the wars, as well as any objection to them.

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Now the Obama worship has gone up a notch.

Animation house Titmouse and late-night TV show host Conan O’Brien are behind an upcoming animated series called “Bromantic,” which will follow fictional versions of Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden as they travel through time in search of a better future.

It’s telling that supporters can’t hold up any solid actions or achievements of the former president.

The series originated on Kickstarter, where creator Adam Reid received over $100,000 in donations.

“My nerdy heart is exploding,” said Reid in a statement, according to Deadline. “This has been a grassroots effort, so to now be working with Conan and Titmouse is a creative dream come true. I’m hopeful we’ll find a home for the series together, and I look forward to taking all our backers and new fans on the journey with us.”

President Trump has been in office nearly a year, yet former President Obama is on the minds of those in Hollywood.

It’s telling that supporters can’t hold up any solid actions or achievements of the former president — so they simply have to keep creating fictional versions of him to dress up the image of a failed leader.