For Conservative Movie Lovers, a 2017 Christmas Gift Guide

Looking for some great pop culture-related presents to buy for right-leaning thinkers? Here are five smart ideas

Once Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror and December starts ditching its days one by one, it becomes time for even last-minute shoppers to begin thinking about what exactly they’re going to buy for holidays gifts.

If you’re looking for some pop culture-related gifts to get for that conservative or right-leaning thinker in your life, look no further than right here.

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Here are five great gift ideas for conservative movie lovers on your shopping list.

1.) “Wind River” (DVD, Blu-Ray, or video on demand). This was one of the few box office success stories of the year — and for good reason. Written and directed by Taylor Sheridan (the scribe behind “Hell or High Water” and “Sicario”), “Wind River” is the story of a Wyoming tracker/hunter and a fresh FBI agent used to the sounds and protection of the big city trailing a brutal killer.

A film that covers loss, grief and the willingness to survive in the face of dire circumstances, “Wind River” is a non-preachy and gripping film, the type of original craftsmanship that is less and less common at the local multiplex. It’s also a tip of the hat to those who still survive in rural areas that require extra work and fortitude to do the simple things many others take for granted.

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2.) “Dunkirk” (on home video December 19). Christopher Nolan’s latest dazzled critics and audiences alike over the summer. It told of the Battle of Dunkirk, an inspiring story of perseverance in the face of seemingly certain death during World War II, before Americans entered the fight.

“Dunkirk” is a refreshingly original military film, taking three timelines and perspectives of the definitive events and converging them into one suspenseful and emotional masterpiece.

A salute to military service and the human spirit, “Dunkirk” is a fantastic war drama that tells a story that deserves the attention only a Nolan-level picture could give it.

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3.) “American Assassin” (DVD, Blu-Ray, or video on demand). The Vince Flynn novels following counterterrorism agent Mitch Rapp have long been popular reads for conservatives. Flynn holds nothing back in describing the threat of terrorism in the modern world or in his depiction of the red tape and politics those who choose to fight on the front lines have to deal with on a daily basis.

Even after Flynn’s untimely death, the novels continued (now under the direction of writer Kyle Mills). (Flynn passed away before he could see Rapp make it to the big screen.)

“American Assassin” is a sharp, brutal, politically incorrect action thriller that serves as a perfect introduction to the character of Rapp. Actor Dylan O’Brien shows a dedication and heart in playing the character few could have expected when he was originally announced as the film’s lead.

“American Assassin” is also a thriller that doesn’t shy away from the threat of Islamic terrorism. Above all, it’s a cut-throat action picture that puts other recent releases to shame.

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4.) “Win Bigly” by Scott Adams. Everyone should read this book by “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams. Liberals. Conservatives. Libertarians. Everyone. Adams, who sports two economic degrees and is well-educated in persuasion techniques and hypnosis, breaks down the election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency like no one else can.

Adams predicted a Trump victory early on because he identifies the president as a “master persuader.” In “Win Bigly,” he dives into the most controversial moments of the presidential race, showing how Trump used persuasion techniques — as as did Clinton sometimes — in what seemed a chaotic election.

While it may sound a little kooky on the surface, “Win Bigly” has chapters that are truly jaw-dropping: Adams breaks down everything from social media arguments to the president’s powerful negotiating skills.

Using the same wit he brings to his “Dilbert” comic strip, Adams makes the type of entertaining movie-like experience of the 2016 presidential election that we will likely never get from a Hollywood currently too gripped by anti-Trump hysteria.

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5.) “Let There Be Light” by Dan Gordon and Sam Sorbo. This faith-based film directed by and starring Kevin Sorbo became a box office hit this year, even as so many Hollywood studio films struggled around it.

Produced by Fox News host Sean Hannity, “Let There Be Light” put highly promoted studio films like “Suburbicon,” starring Matt Damon, to shame with its numbers and responses from audience members.

A film about grief, loss and hope, it’s the kind of positive and inspiring picture that Hollywood doesn’t go out of its way to make too often these days.

If you enjoyed the film or missed it while it was in its theatrical run (it’s still in some theaters), you can check out the novel, adapted from the screenplay by Dan Gordon and Sam Sorbo (who also stars in the film). It’s a positive story no matter the medium. The film’s box office victory is also a wonderful success story for independent artists everywhere.

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