Many conservatives and right-of-center thinkers are no doubt feeling alienated from Hollywood and its mainstream output right now.

The box office is down big time, and that’s largely because of poor output, a lack of original ideas, too many aggressively liberal stars, and sexual misconduct scandals that are snowballing by the day.

There are, however, still many artists who are creating commendable and original pieces of work. Conservatives and others feeling worn down by the industry continue to have places they can turn to for great art and entertainment. A few examples are even in theaters right now.

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Here’s a look at three films currently playing in theaters that conservatives should absolutely see — and the sooner, the better.

1.) “Let There Be Light.” Produced by Fox News’ Sean Hannity, “Let There Be Light” recently had a stellar opening weekend at the box office — and is now rolling its way into more and more theaters.

Directed by and starring “Hercules” star Kevin Sorbo, the film tells the story of a famous atheist author (Sorbo) who is still reeling from the death of a son. He begins to question his beliefs and reconnect with his estranged family after a car accident leads to a vision he can’t quite explain without the help of faith.

The movie is one of the better faith-based pictures to be made in the past decade. It’s a powerful ride with a moving and lead performance by Sorbo. It’s the kind of emotional film with a positive message that is truly needed at this moment, when the world seems to be polarized.

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2.) “Only the Brave.” This film is a salute to firefighters everywhere. The movie tells the harrowing and true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, a group of first responders who fought wildfires in Arizona.

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Starring Josh Brolin and Jeff Bridges, “Only the Brave” is the type of highlighting of our first responders that doesn’t come out of Hollywood often enough.

Chronicling the fight against the infamous Yarnell Hill Fire, “Only the Brave” is a nail-biting and emotional experience that captures its central firefighters in an authentic light.

“If we didn’t have these people that we’re honoring and praising, especially in this movie — but outside of this movie also — you’d have a world of ashes. And that’s just the reality, so thank God for these people.” Brolin recently told Bret Baier on Fox News’ “Special Report.”

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3.) “Thank You for Your Service.” “This film aims to focus on an issue that is not talked about enough in this country — PTSD among our soldiers and veterans.

Directed by Jason Hall, the screenwriter of “American Sniper,” the movie offers a realistic look at the struggles some soldiers can face while reintegrating into society and dealing with the bureaucratic “support” system the government has in place for them.

It’s a powerful motion picture — and an important one, as it tries to bridge the gap between soldier and civilian by humanizing a handful of people who wore the uniform for this country. Now, they’re simply trying to succeed back home, like everyone else. They deserve our attention.