This has been a time of extraordinary change. And like so many other companies and organizations across this great nation, LifeZette has undergone some vital changes, too, as we sharpen and strengthen the website that first launched in the summer of 2015. As part of this exercise, we’ve also been reviewing the operations of the company that have supported LifeZette’s growth from the beginning.

LifeZette’s board of directors, its investors, its editors, and its producers remain 100 percent committed to this brand — and to the ongoing creation and publication of stories and videos that capture the conservative traditional values so many of us care about and embrace. You, our readers, have told us how much you appreciate what we do — and we remain dedicated to bringing you great commentary and analysis.

LifeZette’s original editor-in-chief and co-founder, Laura Ingraham, remains passionately devoted to the LifeZette mission and continues as an editorial adviser. And in key management positions, we are in the process of making important changes — and are in active discussions with some of the most dynamic corporate executives in America. This new team will ensure that LifeZette remains a potent and growing force in the digital media space for years to come. “LifeZette is poised for great things in our ever-changing and challenging digital media world, and I’m thrilled the company is implementing the necessary changes to capture the maximum potential through its advertising and content partners,” said Ingraham. 

Our goal has always been and will continue to be providing news and analysis unavailable anywhere else, in the areas that matter most — parenting, politics, culture, faith and health. Going forward, we are excited about the new engagement with both information consumers and our phenomenal advertisers.

Meanwhile, our important editorial and publishing work at LifeZette continues every day.

With warm holiday wishes,

Maureen Mackey
Managing Editor