Many of those who were once so powerful and almighty in Hollywood find their influence waning today. Sexual abuse and sexual harassment scandals are seeing to that, as is an impatience with Tinseltown’s claim to know better than anyone else. And, as has already been well reported, the summer box-office performance this year was dismal.

It seems audiences have grown tired of familiar remakes and endless sequels.

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People are craving fresh and wholesome entertainment — entertainment that’s hopeful. Inspirational. Compelling. Persuasive. Entertainment that says something.

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Enter the partnership of Kevin Sorbo and his wife, Sam Sorbo, along with Fox News personality Sean Hannity — and the team’s new film, called “Let There Be Light.” With a desire to produce a movie that would reflect the power and hope of Christianity, these three and their entire crew have delivered a story of renewal. The film’s popularity is growing by the week.

The Sorbos appeared on “The Laura Ingraham Show” on Friday, November 3, to discuss the new movie. It tells the story of an atheist who turns to Christianity after a near-death experience. Kevin Sorbo directed the film and Sam Sorbo co-wrote; both of them star, as do two of the three Sorbo children, so clearly this is an important family affair. Sean Hannity produced the film.

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The Sorbo couple is well-known for their conservative Christian views. They are open about their faith and have used their talents to encourage other Christians and witness to nonbelievers. Kevin Sorbo first achieved fame for his title role in “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and later the series “Andromeda.” However, many audiences now recognize him from the 2014 movie “God’s Not Dead.” Sam Sorbo hosts a weekday radio show titled “The Sam Sorbo Show.”

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As Sam Sorbo tells it, Sean Hannity called Kevin Sorbo when he heard about the initial plans for the film and said, “I want to do a faith-based movie, and I want to work with you.” The Sorbos flew to New York to meet with Hannity, and within half an hour, the Fox News host agreed to produce the movie and work with them. The Sorbos credit the miracle work of God in making this happen; the movie was in theaters in less than two years, with a $3 million budget.

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It opened two weeks ago on 350 screens — and finished number-two per screen average, according to industry data. This weekend, the film was shown on 641 screens and brought in $500,000, according to a report in Forbes. It’s made $3.95 million in 10 days, Forbes also noted. The Sorbos hope it will be on over 1,000 screens by next weekend.

“Give us a taste of why this movie is resonating so much,” Laura Ingraham said to the couple.

“It comes down to one word,” Kevin Sorbo replied. “It’s hope.”

The storyline sets it apart from some of the more saccharine Christian productions out there. “It’s a real-life drama,” Sam Sorbo explained. “It’s about real things. It’s about grief … It’s about family. It’s about fatherhood, it’s about forgiveness and grace — and it leaves you in the theater feeling hopeful.”

The hope offered by God through Jesus Christ surpasses all obstacles. That foundation of faith is the beginning of peace.

The Sorbos also spoke about the recent sex abuse scandals in Hollywood that have been brought to light. Kevin Sorbo recently mentioned his own sexual harassment experiences from the late Italian designer Gianni Versace, but was quick to add that women are typically the greater victims of such harassment. Sorbo said women in all businesses and walks of life struggle with alleged abuse or harassment on a regular basis.

Laura Ingraham noted that the degradation occurring in today’s society is not surprising in part due to the degradation that’s almost constantly shown and captured in films.

This kind of behavior, responded Sam Sorbo, is the “result of people not having strong convictions and having a survival-of-the-fittest mentality.” She said she believes their mission is to turn the culture toward virtue and traditional Judeo-Christian values.

The Sorbos are using their faith as a beacon for those who are lost and discouraged. The movie “Let There Be Light” shares a message of eternal hope in the midst of a sinful state of being. Life is messy, full of struggle and imperfection — but the hope offered by God through Jesus Christ surpasses all obstacles. That foundation of faith is the beginning of peace.

Katie Nations, married for 15 years, is a working mother of three young children in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.