Faith Friday: My Prayer for My Daughter

Clayton Jennings, a YouTube star and pastor from Indiana, shares passionate wishes for his child's life

Becoming a parent for the first time is a transformative moment in life.

Pastor Clayton Jennings of Noblesville, Indiana, creates videos to spread the Word of God in the mainstream culture. Recently, he became a father for the first time — and made a video about his hopes and dreams for his new daughter’s life.

“My goal is to tell the entire world about the salvation offered ONLY through Jesus Christ. So far God has allowed me to preach to millions of people around the globe,” reads a note posted on his website.

“It’s my mission to preach that Gospel to the world. So whether you read my novels, listen to my videos, watch my film, or hear me preach at revivals around the world, I only want to point you to JESUS. He is the only hope we have in this life. Repent, trust, and believe while you still have time.”

Check out his amazing presentation below:

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