University of New Hampshire Plots to Turn Students into Globalists

School publishes Orwellian report on 'Developing and Sustaining Inclusive Excellence and a Safe, Healthy, Equitable Campus Community'

Last week, while the nation’s eyes were collectively glued to reports about Hurricane Irma, the University of New Hampshire published a chillingly Orwellian report that illustrates the extent to which America’s colleges and universities have become veritable progressive madrassas.

The interim report by the university’s Presidential Task Force on Campus Climate, titled “Developing and Sustaining Inclusive Excellence and a Safe, Healthy, Equitable Campus Community,” effectively makes the case that old-fashioned efforts at increasing diversity — such as affirmative action — aren’t sufficient enough because they don’t address the existence of people who oppose efforts at increasing diversity to begin with. Thus they must be transformed into mini George Soroses and become “good global citizens.”

The report begins with a quote from the former “chief diversity officer” at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Damon Williams, that makes it crystal clear the university now sees its mission not as to educate but to indoctrinate: “Thus, promoting diversity is no longer simply a question of answering our moral and social responsibilities, but a matter of academic and institutional excellence.”

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After a brief introduction explaining that the report itself came about in response to outrage among some students and professors following a Cinco de Mayo celebration, the report wades directly into Orwell’s “1984” territory.

“Diversity is not a destination exclusively reached by increasing the numbers of students, faculty and staff from historically underrepresented communities. Diversity is also about changing mindsets and creating and fostering a campus climate in which all UNH community members are safe, thrive, succeed, and experience a sense of belonging [emphasis added],” the report states.

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The report is also quite clear about just what mindsets it seeks to change — and how.

“A world made small by technology is tied to the realization that national borders are more illusory and porous than many of us would like to believe,” says the report. “Yet globalization and the rapid movement of people, ideas, and goods across borders have also created great uncertainty. The result has been the paradoxical rise in nationalism and nostalgia for the past, in the United States and elsewhere.”

“For our students to become engaged, critical citizens, they must graduate with skills that allow them to negotiate the complex territory of nationalism and interdependence, of difference and commonality,” the report states, before asking, “How do we as university communities move closer to this goal?” The answer? To “develop and make visible a process whereby students can become ‘globalist thinkers’ and “‘global humanists.’

In order to achieve this vision, the report advocates that the university embrace actual totalitarianism — that every single aspect of academic and social life must be shaped to foster radical far-left ideas about so-called diversity and inclusion.

“UNH must develop a sustainable inclusive campus climate and make diversity and inclusion integral to a 21st century education where we are committed to each of our students becoming good global citizens,” the report states.

“As UNH continues to move away from the mindset of diversity as ‘add on,’ we are developing the understanding that diversity and inclusion are critical threads woven consistently throughout the entire fabric of UNH. By doing so we ensure that diversity/inclusive excellence and pluralism are valued and presented as institutional priorities that will be addressed in all aspects of the life of the University,” the report says.

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Ironically, the report’s prologue includes a quote from the university’s president, Mark Huddleston, referencing events in Charlottesville, Virginia, and reaffirming the university’s commitment “to creating and sustaining a safe and inclusive community, one characterized by mutual respect, civil discourse and free expression.”

The University of New Hampshire is not the first institution of higher learning to see its job as re-education instead of education. On Tuesday, the College Fix quoted a professor at Utah Valley University who said an administrator told faculty that if they heard a statement that made the university seem ‘less inclusive,’ it should be “reported to the Behavior Assessment Team.”

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