A Plame Affair: Former CIA Agent Tweets ‘America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars’

One-time covert operative courts controversy, uses ethnic language to slam Israel as culprit for U.S. intervention

Valerie Plame (now Valeria Plame Wilson) reemerged on the national stage Thursday with a seemingly anti-Semitic tweet about American foreign policy.

The former CIA operative, whose status as an active agent was unmasked by a State Department official in 2003’s infamous Plame Affair — which in the end sent vice presidential adviser Scooter Libby to prison — tweeted a link to an article Thursday that is sure to be slammed as anti-Semitic.

“America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars,” wrote Plame Wilson along with a link to an article on UNZ.com of the same name. As its title suggests, the article in question — which was written by another former CIA officer, Philip Giraldi — claims that American Jews are the main force behind America’s military involvement in the Middle East.

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“To be sure, the urging to strike Iran comes from many quarters, to include generals in the Administration who always think first in terms of settling problems through force, from a Saudi government obsessed with fear over Iranian hegemony, and, of course, from Israel itself,” claims Giraldi. “But what makes the war engine run is provided by American Jews who have taken upon themselves the onerous task of starting a war with a country that does not conceivably threaten the United States.”

“They have been very successful at faking the Iranian threat, so much so that nearly all Republican and most Democratic congressmen as well as much of the media seem to be convinced that Iran needs to be dealt with firmly, most definitely by using the U.S. military, and the sooner the better,” he continues.

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“It is safe to say that much of the agitation to do something about Iran comes from Israel and from American Jews,” Giraldi writes. “Indeed, I would opine that most of the fury from Congress re Iran comes from the same source, with AIPAC showering our Solons on the Potomac with ‘fact sheets’ explaining how Iran is worthy of annihilation because it has pledged to ‘destroy Israel. The AIPAC lies are then picked up and replayed by an obliging media, where nearly every ‘expert’ who speaks about the Middle East on television and radio or who is interviewed for newspaper stories is Jewish.”

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Plame Wilson’s tweet will surely leave her open to a barrage of attacks and criticisms.

Ironically, early in the shared piece Giraldi notes that “any organization that aspires to be heard on foreign policy knows that to touch the live wire of Israel and American Jews guarantees a quick trip to obscurity.”

To make matters even more interesting, Plame Wilson appears to identify as a progressive and be an ardent Never-Trumper.

“If @Twitter executives won’t shut down Trump’s violence and hate, then it’s up to us,” reads her “pinned” tweet. Grab the popcorn: It’s going to be fun watching the liberals explain this one.

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