Pat Boone: Biggest Worry Is ‘If America Ceases to Be a Nation Under God’

Legendary entertainer — quoting Ronald Reagan — talked to LifeZette exclusively about faith, prayer, and work

Throughout the history of show business, many people come and go. They sing a song or star in a film — and fade away after their 15 minutes of fame.

Pat Boone is an exception — and the world is a better place as a result.

LifeZette had the opportunity to ask the 83-year-old entertainer, Christian activist, and businessman five pointed questions. Boone, based in Beverly Hills these days (he was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and raised mostly in Nashville, Tennessee) discussed his hope for America, what he’s doing these days, and even his favorite prayer.

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Question: What’s your biggest worry about the country right now?
Answer: To quote former President Ronald Reagan, “If America ceases to be a nation under God — it will become a nation gone under.” My biggest worry is that we are increasingly and collectively not a nation under God — and have been looking for answers in all the wrong places. And we’re getting a lot of wrong answers.

Q: What is your biggest hope right now?
A: My biggest hope is for the church to wake up and experience not just a revival in attendance but an all-out commitment, both locally and nationally, to God’s purpose for our existence.

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Q: What are you up to these days? Are you still involved in music and entertainment, in touring?
A: Yes, I’m still entertaining in concerts and in occasional TV appearances, and I’m still involved in recording, though not as hectically busy as in the past. I tell people I have begun my “last go-round” — and that each appearance in any locality is the last time I’ll be there.

I’m still recording, though I call my current album, “Legacy,” perhaps my last. I’m in the Gospel Music Hall of Fame — not the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — and I call it “Legacy” because I want to leave it for future generations. That is my hope.

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It comes out of my own worship experiences, and I wrote all the words and music. I don’t tour, but I pick my spots and am planning to host my last tour of Israel next May. I’m expecting to bring at least 500 people along, but possibly twice that.

I’ll be doing live concerts in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and a live performance for a video special in the amphitheater in Caesarea, which dates back to Roman times. I appeared at the Mann Theater last March to a sold-out audience and had a private meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu the night before. We are friends and have been since his college days, when he became a fan of my music. Whenever we see each other, he calls me “Speedy,” referring to my big record of Speedy Gonzales.

Q: What is your favorite prayer of all?
A: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, and in each of us and our lives on this planet.”

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Q: What don’t we know about you that you finally want the world to know?
A: My life has been an exceptionally open book, so I don’t have any secrets or anything new to reveal.

My wife and I are in our 64th year of marriage. We’ve been living in the same house in Beverly Hills for 57 years, and my second movie, “April Love,” just celebrated its 60th anniversary at a Cinematheque Tribute last month!

My friend and fellow Tennessean, Elvis, died 40 years ago this year, and I was his only rival in the last half of the ’50s.

I have just recently found out that I had one more hit record in the last half of that decade than Elvis — though he may have sold more volume. I actually had one more chart appearance than he — and I can’t help but wonder what he might be doing if he were still around today. I’m six months older, but thankfully I had an 11-month head start and I feel like I am the proverbial tortoise crawling on after the hare has finished his race.

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Pat Boone’s other recent films include “A Cowgirl’s Story” (2017), “Boonville Redemption” (2016), and “God’s Not Dead 2” (2016).

Chris Woodward is a reporter for American Family News and Based in Mississippi, he is also a contributor to and and a regular contributor to LifeZette.

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