Megyn Kelly’s New Morning Show Is ‘Far from Successful’

After a ratings disaster over the summer, NBC has moved its investment to the start of the day — hoping for a win

Megyn Kelly’s summer attempt to create her very own “60 Minutes” was a disaster. The ratings were poor, the show was sloppily put together, and the interviews inspired nothing but controversy.

NBC, no doubt wanting to justify its reported $17 million investment, moved Kelly to the mornings — where she could tackle more lighthearted stories and somewhat reinvent her image after a rocky start with the network.

“Megan Kelly Today” premiered Monday morning — and it appears the program is just as rocky her previous one.

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“‘Megyn Kelly Today’ is meant to be the final, dazzling piece of Kelly’s multimillion-dollar transmogrification from steely Fox News host to a mushy, hugs-for-everybody, midmorning TV host. It premiered Monday on NBC in the 9 a.m. hour of the ‘Today’ show, proving only that the experiment is far from successful,” read The Washington Post’s scathing review.

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The Post review called the show a “Bride of Frankenstein” hodgepodge of various other programs, with Kelly interviewing guests “nervously” and “awkwardly.”

CNNMoney also didn’t have very kind things to say about the program, which went out of its way on the first episode to distance itself from politics — the arena that was Kelly’s bread and butter in her Fox News days.

“It’s at best questionable to introduce a show that so consciously seeks to create space between itself and serious news at a moment when there’s such an abundance of it,” read the writeup.

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Kelly’s new program is as odd as the first one at NBC. It’s very clear she’s trying to set herself up as the next Ellen DeGeneres or Oprah Winfrey, but does anyone like Kelly as much as they like those women?

She made a lot of enemies in her Fox News days; and her news program over the summer proved she was manipulative behind the scenes — and not very good at handling serious reporting.

Her new NBC program appears to be as directionless as the first.

It’s odd to go from a program in which you interview world leaders such as Vladimir Putin — to a morning show with a cheering audience where you wave off political stories within the first few seconds.

Kelly opened the series by first joking she would be dissecting the latest tweet from President Donald Trump. Then she said she wanted the show to be apolitical and for the show to be a place where viewers can be gifted with “a smile, sometimes a tear, and maybe some hope to start your day.”

Staying away from politics and serious reporting is a smart move for Kelly — yet her new NBC program appears to be as directionless as the first.

If this show ends up being the same kind of stinker in the ratings as her last series, it’s difficult to say whether NBC will put up with much more of its multimillion-dollar investment.

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