Ingraham: In America, ‘We Don’t Rule by Emotion, We Rule by Law’

LifeZette editor-in-chief reminds GOP that 'Americans are dreamers, too,' as Congress prepares for amnesty battle

LifeZette editor-in-chief Laura Ingraham urged President Donald Trump to “remember how you won the presidency,” while he prepares to announce a final decision regarding President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order.

Ingraham spoke during an interview Tuesday on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” a few hours before the Trump administration was slated to announce the end of DACA with a six-month delay. The delay is viewed as a challenge to Congress to tackle the issue.

But as moderate Republicans in Congress prepare to fight for permanent, legal amnesty for so-called dreamers (for beneficiaries of the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act) and illegal immigrant activists blast Trump for ending DACA, Ingraham said that American citizens are “dreamers,” too, and deserve to have the federal government prioritizing their concerns.

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“Americans are dreamers, too. They have a lot of dreams that have not been fulfilled because of a variety of reasons — a lot of them have to do with politicians not doing what they said they were going to do,” Ingraham said. “So American citizens want a better life. They want their kids to be in schools that aren’t overcrowded. They want health care that doesn’t rise in its cost [by] 20 percent, 18 percent a year.”

“We still are a nation of laws,” she added, saying that when we “incentivize people who cross our borders illegally” and allow “a whole new level of chain migration” through dreamer amnesty, Americans citizens pay the price.

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But the Left is incapable of having this conversation, Ingraham noted, because liberals are quick to point to emotional “sob stories” of illegal immigrant families ripped apart through deportations and stripped of the chance to pursue the American dream.

“I think people have to understand what the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is really all about. We’re not talking about mass deportation of people if Donald Trump doesn’t do what kind of the middle or the Left wants him to do on this,” Ingraham said. “It’s about giving work permits and federal benefits to people who are as advanced in their age as the age of 36.”

“People think we’re talking about like 10-, 11-year-old kids. The median age of dreamers is about 22, 23 years old,” Ingraham added. “So those are things you have to take into account. Also, I think you can have up to three misdemeanors and still apply for this status.”

But the sob stories still abound, nevertheless.

“For every sob story — and there are many of them … I can up you a sob story or a difficult circumstance from an American citizen, as Donald Trump called them during the campaign, ‘the forgotten men and women,'” she said. “Those forgotten men and women who showed up were Hispanics, they were African-Americans, they were people from all walks of life.”

Ultimately, Ingraham said that there are ways to be compassionate to illegal immigrants “short of giving them work permits and federal benefits.”

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Trump prefaced his administration’s expected announcement in a tweet Tuesday, writing, “Congress, get ready to do your job — DACA!”

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Although Trump reportedly plans to allow Congress to take six months to come up with a solution to the DACA dilemma, Ingraham argued that the president “has unique authority here” to reverse former President Barack Obama’s executive order.

“The executive order that [Obama] did sign, which was geared toward giving work permits to people who are here illegally, can be rescinded,” she said. “And that status can be removed by the chief executive officer of the United States.”

As Trump continues to mull over the DACA situation and consider the varying viewpoints he has been presented with, Ingraham urged him to “remember how you won the presidency.”

“You won the presidency by defying all of these conventional wisdom-mongers and the usual suspects who are doing the bidding of big business, Silicon Valley, and all these other interest groups,” she said. “You won by standing for the forgotten man of every background, of every creed, and of every religion. Those people need jobs. They need the government to do its job, which includes the rule of law.”

“We don’t rule by emotion. We rule by law,” Ingraham added. “So if Congress wants to push basically a de facto amnesty of a million people and think that somehow Middle America is going to stand up and cheer, good luck.”

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