If the portrayal of veterans and military service members seems like it’s improving and becoming more well-rounded in film and on television lately — then the veterans group Got Your 6 deserves a lot of the credit. The non-profit organization works with Hollywood and the government to help propel forward the position of veterans in America.

The group’s most notable work has been through its 6 Certified program. Artists now seek out the organization to help connect with veterans or get feedback about the authenticity they are bringing to stories involving the military.

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The 6 Certified stamp is one viewers and veterans can rely on when they see it attached to a film. Got Your 6 works hard to make sure the extreme stereotype-fueled portrayals of veterans and the military that have long plagued the industry become a thing of the past.

Thanks to paving the way for collaboration between veterans and screenwriters and working within the industry, projects that focus on veterans and the military have gotten better.

Previous 6 Certified works include “Sully,” “American Sniper,” television’s “Shooter,” and many others.

“The program challenges entertainment industry executives and content creators to craft more thoughtful narratives around veterans and military families.”

“The national veteran empowerment organization Got Your 6 launched the 6 Certified initiative in early 2015 as part of its mission to change the veteran ‘broken/hero’ stereotype held by 80 percent of U.S. civilians,” said Got Your 6 in a press release. “The program challenges entertainment industry executives and content creators to craft more thoughtful narratives around veterans and military families.”

A new batch of projects to receive the stamp of approval has been announced — and these are works you may want to keep your eye on and check out when they come your way.

Of the six new honorees, the most notable are CBS’ “SEAL Team” and the new J.D. Salinger biopic “Rebel in the Rye,” which focuses on the “Catcher in the Rye” author’s wartime experiences and how they shaped him as a man and an artist. Nicholas Hoult (pictured above) stars as Salinger.

Of “SEAL Team,” at which LifeZette got a first look, the company said in a press release, “CBS has put veterans both in front of and behind the camera in order to accurately portray service members and veterans.”

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Other approved projects include the following:

“Great News,” an upcoming television comedy from producer Tina Fey. The shows follows a newsroom full of unique characters as they deal with their roller coaster-like lives and the fight to get the next big story. One episode takes on the subject of journalists going overseas and embedding themselves with the military. The producers consulted with Got Your 6 on the episode to help ensure accuracy and avoid stereotypes.

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“Blood Stripe,” a thriller about a female Marine Sergeant returning home from deployment. She seeks refuge at a quiet lake after an unexpected outburst at a homecoming party. According to Got Your 6, “The production employed numerous veteran technical advisors on staff to ensure accuracy in the telling of this thriller.”

“My Motto: Veterans Edition,” which takes a close look at Asian-American veterans. “In order to shatter the stereotypes of Asian-Americans as perpetual foreigners and veterans as broken heroes, the special gives an up-close look into the lives of Asian American Army, Navy and U.S Marine Corps veterans with accomplished but unorthodox careers,” said Got Your 6.

“Served Like a Girl,” a film about the struggles of female veterans. “Having served their country in Iraq and Afghanistan, Nichole, Hope, Rachel, and Andrea know that, for many, the war isn’t over. The documentary ‘Served Like a Girl’ follows these and other women veterans as they join forces with Jas Boothe, founder of The Final Salute, to help the 55,000 homeless women veterans, whose stories mirror their own,” said Got Your 6.

The film also highlights the unique competition of Ms. Veteran America — which celebrates female veterans and helps to raise money for struggling veteran moms and their families.