Exclusive: Here’s the World of Yoga as You’ve Never Seen It Before

'Yoga Girls' reveals the intense and cutthroat world behind a practice meant to give peace to body, mind and soul

Yoga may bring about peace of body and mind, but the world around the practice is complicated, competitive and cutthroat.

Z Living’s “Yoga Girls” television series follows some of the most prominent yoga instructors in Los Angeles as they navigate the growing popularity of their practice and try to compete with each other to build impressive client rosters.

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“Yoga Girls” also shows the modern divide between yoga “traditionalists” and younger generations bringing social media and branding to the practice. Cast members Instagram yoga stars like Caley Joyner and Jackie Smyth — while also showing more traditional instructors like Vytas Baskauskas, Jesse Schein, and Calvin Corzine.

“The yoga scene in LA has quickly become a subculture of savvy entrepreneurs who are cultivating their own careers by the power of social media and veritable hustle,” said Charlie Ebersol, chairman and founder of The Company, which produces “Yoga Girls,” in a press release.

Here, from LifeZette, is an exclusive clip from the debut episode of the series, which airs this Sunday on Z Living at 8 p.m. ET.

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