CNN Panelist Eager to Declare Trump a Flop at U.N. Before It Starts

Bremmer claims world leaders and their staff think American president a 'bozo' and will leak private conservations

Before President Donald Trump had offered his first remarks at a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, CNN panelists were eager to declare the week a disaster for the White House.

In a panel discussion Monday, Ian Bremmer, founder of the Eurasia Group — described by The Economist as “an inspiration for any academic with a seemingly useless degree in political science” — said that Trump is at a serious disadvantage on the world stage because, unlike in the domestic sphere where he can fall back on his base, Trump has no friends or supporters in the U.N.

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“What’s interesting about Trump at the United Nations [is that] … on the international stage he has no base,” he began. “Even American allies privately look at Trump and say, ‘Who the hell is this guy, we don’t trust him, we don’t know about our relationship anymore.'”

Bremmer suggested it was inevitable Trump would generate bad press through leaked conversations with world leaders.

“He’ll be fine on the big stage at the U.N. General Assembly,” he said. But “in all of these off-camera moments — the one-on-ones with all of these heads of state … it’s going to leak. You remember these conversations with the Australian prime minister, the Philippine president, all of that, that’s where we’ve gotten some of the most salacious headlines.”

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The CNN panelist expanded his claim that world leaders and their staff all despise the American president.

“Their staffs look at Trump and say, ‘Who the hell is this bozo?'” Bremmer continued. “And what’s going to happen this week is, you’re going to get a lot of that, because they don’t like him, they don’t trust him, and offline, off-camera, they say a lot of really snarky things.”

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