An ISIS fighter’s bride has revealed the horrors she experienced while living within the caliphate community.

Islam Mitat, 23, met her jihadi husband through a Muslim dating site. At the time of her marriage three years ago, Mitat thought she was marrying what she considered a “normal” man.

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She lived in Morocco, so her British lover, Ahmed Khalil, traveled to her parents’ house to ask for her hand in marriage. But shortly after the marriage, things went sour.

Just three months after the wedding, the young bride was whisked away to Syria and to the ISIS caliphate. Her husband became an ISIS fighter and forced her to come with him to join the terrorist organization.

In October 2014, two months after moving to the caliphate, her husband died in battle. Six months later, Mitat gave birth to their son, Abdullah.

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After the death of her husband, she was forced to remarry — this time to a German-Afghan fighter. This husband banned her from leaving the house. She divorced him and then got remarried, to an Indian-Australian fighter. She had a daughter, Maria, with this husband.

“She hopes that [since] his father was British, Abdullah could be eligible for U.K. citizenship,” The Sunday Times reported. “But the rules for children born under the caliphate are foggy: Mother and son are stateless, with no passport and no birth certificate.”

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Islam Mitat spoke to the British newspaper from a safe house in Northern Syria. “I never supported ISIS,” she said. “Never. All I want is something better for me and my children. I just want to live again.”

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After her most recent husband died, she was able to escape ISIS with the help of Syrian locals. She and her two children are now awaiting their next steps. Her children are now two years old and 10 months old.

Mitat also shared information about British schoolgirls who left home to marry ISIS fighters.

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“She described the ISIS ‘Little Britain’ that she shared with the ‘terror twins’ from Manchester [Salma and Zahra Halane], three schoolgirls from Bethnal Green, east London, and other [jihadi] brides from Bristol and Glasgow,” according to the newspaper’s account. “She revealed their delight at reading about themselves on online British news sites and the way they crowed over reports of terrorist attacks in Europe. ‘They looked happy about it,’ said Mitat, speaking English learned from her fellow brides. ‘I was so shocked.'”

Mitat told the publication, “One day I saw a Yazidi woman and her son being beaten by her owner in Salma and Zahra’s house. I went to her when he left and said, ‘Why is your husband beating you?’ She said, ‘He’s not my husband. I’m a slave.’ I didn’t even know what it meant.” The ISIS wives did not like the sex slaves their husbands had, Mitat said, and would become very jealous.

These reports surely represent just a small bit of the real truth about the violence that has occurred under this terror regime.