Watch: Hannity’s Faith-Based Film Coming Soon

Fox News host puts his heart and soul into this project — and his passionate beliefs about 'Judeo-Christian, all-American values'

Fox News conservative talk-show host Sean Hannity is working on a new venture: He’s serving as executive producer of a new faith-based movie.

Atlas Distribution Company is set to release “Let There Be Light” on October 27, as reported by Variety. Hannity aired a trailer for it Tuesday night on his program on the Fox News Channel.

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“Liberal Hollywood has increasingly moved the bar, making simple and honest films with solid faith and family values harder to find,” said Hannity in a statement. “I felt compelled to start bringing quality films to the millions of forgotten Americans who want to see more of these heart-warming and entertaining stories that reflect our Judeo-Christian, all-American values.”

The film’s plot centers around atheist Sol Harkins, played by Kevin Sorbo. After a near-death experience, his beliefs about God and love are challenged. Sorbo, 58, directs and stars in the film and his wife, Sam Sorbo, is his co-star. Kevin Sorbo also starred in the hit Christian film, “God’s Not Dead.”

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“I’ve been honored to work with true talent like Kevin Sorbo, and I’m very proud of ‘Let There Be Light,'” Hannity said.

“The biggest complaint I have about Hollywood — and I love ‘Spider-Man’ and the Bourne movies and all that — is that it doesn’t touch hearts in relatable, real-life ways anymore,” Hannity told The Hollywood Reporter last December. “There is no way you can watch this movie and not be moved, and that’s what’s missing in most movies today.”

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Hannity even makes a special guest appearance in the film. Watch the new trailer below, released on “Hannity” on Tuesday night:

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Last December, the Sorbos talked about the movie on Hannity’s Fox News show.

“If you want to affect the culture, you need to get into entertainment,” Sam Sorbo said on “Hannity.”

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“Hollywood can be a very superficial place, but then again, so is the world,” Kevin Sorbo told The Hollywood Reporter in December 2016. “I choose not to focus on whatever negatives that might arise from my taking a stand for what I believe in, because our beliefs are what make us human.”

“I couldn’t be the actor I am without knowing what I stand for,” he said.

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