Most Unforgettable Reaction to a New Baby

For two daughters, adoption of this infant couldn't have been more beautiful, exciting and emotional

One Rockwall, Texas, family has taken up the godly mission of adopting children into their family — and the parents say they always felt called to do so.

“It’s almost like God spoke to her first and then He had to convince me later,” Shane Pruitt told WFAA with a laugh, referencing his wife, Kasi, who had always wanted a big family. Shane Pruitt is director of missions for the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

But when the Pruitts — already the parents of four children, two of whom were adopted — recently adopted a one-month-old baby, they decided to surprise their two older daughters.

The reaction from the girls was absolutely priceless.

“Shane and Kasi Pruitt never thought their daughters would react the way they did when they surprised them with a new little sister. The Pruitts … were shocked when an adoption lawyer called them, matching them with a baby. They had started the adoption process for a fifth child but had no idea how quickly they’d be taking home a bundle of joy,” reads the video’s description.

See this incredible and very moving family moment below:

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