Liberal and globalist influencers in the West have attempted to attribute the spread of violent, radical Islam to everything from poverty to global warming, but a new study by an Islamic expert from the University of Vienna belies these persistent claims that Islamic terrorism is spurred primarily by factors outside the religion.

The 310-page study of nearly 30 violent Islamists by Islamic theologian Ednan Aslan and financed by the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggests that many radical Islamists have extensive knowledge of Islam and are motivated by their violent interpretation of their religion to a much greater extent than any of the plethora of reasons provided by Western liberals.

Aslan told the German newspaper Die Tagespost that he found debate and interaction “with content, norms and values ​​of the Islamic doctrine” plays a critical role in individuals’ radicalization.

“This intensive examination of theological issues is a turning point in many of the respondents in their lives,” he said. Moreover, “persons with a higher theological knowledge function as authorities and play a central role in the spread of ideology.”

The results of the study have clearly come as a shock to Western liberals conditioned by years of multicultural propaganda. The German newspaper Die Welt reported the study under the headline, “Islam plays a greater role in radicalization than assumed.” It would be far more accurate, however, to say that “Islam plays a greater role in radicalization than admitted,” experts say.

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“The only thing that surprises me about all this is that we needed a university study to prove it,” said Raheem Kassam, editor-in-chief of Breitbart London and author of the soon to be published book, “No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You” (August 14, Regnery).

Indeed, the only reason that some were surprised by the study’s results at all was “because we have now had decades of indoctrination in this regard,” he told LifeZette. “We are continually force-fed false narratives that are built to advance multiculturalist agendas and fetishization, usually in the name of cheap, migrant labour.”

When asked about the numerous excuses liberal and Islamist apologists have provided for the root cause of Islamic terror, Kassam said, “I’ve heard them all, but the climate change theory is particularly galling.”

“The Left is tying itself in knots trying to excuse radical Islam while advancing its Marxist agendas elsewhere,” he told LifeZette. “They haven’t yet realized they sound more like The Onion than reputable sources of news and analysis.”

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“It is fairly evident from the Quranic verses often cited by Islamist leaders, as well as lectures freely available online, that there isn’t so much a ‘perversion’ of Islam going on, as establishment leaders so often suggest, but rather, a literalist interpretation of what that book and the Hadiths openly state,” Kassam said.

While “one study scarcely ever proves anything,” he said, “in my estimation this comes closer to the truth than the public pronouncements of Barack Obama and Theresa May ever have.”

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, a practicing Muslim and president and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, agrees. “This study proves what any honest Muslim already knows or [has] been in major denial about,” he said.

“While our ‘Islam’ as we practice it here in the West is for reform-minded Muslims compatible with Western values, the reality is the ‘Islam’ practiced by large swaths of Muslims in Muslim-majority nations run by Sharia law is supremacist and theocratic in mindset,” Jasser continued.

“Our organization [AIFD] and other leaders in our Muslim reform movement have been screaming from the rooftops for over a decade that there is a direct connection between non-violent Islamism (the supremacism of Islamic states based in Sharia law) and the violent Islamism of militant jihadists,” he said. “One naturally leads to the other, and this study is simply proving what has been painfully obvious to any honest Muslims.”

“There have been many especially on the Left that refuse to admit the obvious ideological precursors of Islamism (Sharia state identity movements) and instead have blamed issues that are patently unrelated as precursors of militant Islamism such as our ‘western foreign policy’ — which is repackaged by Islamists as ‘imperialism’ or ‘colonialism’ or ‘Zionism’ (pick your conspiracy theory of the day),” Jasser said.

He continued: “Islamists will blame the ‘anti-Muslim bigotry’ or aka ‘Islamophobia’ of the ‘Right’ when in fact it is Islamist groups in the West (Muslim Brotherhood legacy groups) that exaggerate the extent of anti-Muslim bigotry, trying to impose anti-blasphemy behaviors by calling it ‘Islamophobia.'”

“The Islamist groups like CAIR, MPAC, MAS, ICNA, ISNA and others will do anything possible to blame everyone on the planet who is non-Muslim except their own ideologies and in essence the ideology spread across the planet by OIC [Organization of Islamic Cooperation] regimes of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan, to name a few,” Jasser said.

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“This study proves the obvious,” he said, “that the Islam of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iran … example our so-called allies or at least common enemies in the war against ISIS are actually the founding fathers of ISIS (for KSA) and Hezballah (For Iran).”

“The denial of this direct connection for so long has not only been due to American Muslim groups wanting to avoid any responsibility of confronting the root-cause ideologies of “salafi-jihadism” (political Islam/Islamism) — all synonyms; but it has also and most poignantly taken the Islamic regimes off the hook as being the primary sources of Sharia state supremacism that indoctrinates the future militant jihadists that attack the West and secular societies,” Jasser said.

“Perhaps finally, this study and so many others will begin to peel away the veneer of benevolence from the cancer which is the modern day ‘Islamic Sharia Republics’ of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation — today’s equivalent of the Cold War’s ‘Evil Empire.'”