American Doctor and Ugandan Orphan Are Saving Lives

'It's rewarding to look out for others who are less privileged, try to make an impact,' say those at Caring Hands Ministries

Getting out of the little bubble of our own lives and helping others in need — this is the core mission of Caring Hands International Ministries and Medical Missions.

“We are a Christian-based charitable organization seeking to change people’s lives through the love of God, bringing restoration, faith and hope by serving one another,” according to the charity’s mission statement.

The organization works with the poorest of the poor in Africa, bringing medical help to those who cannot afford it.

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“Caring Hands Foundation was born out of a dream in 2008 by a small group of Christians living in Uganda who became associated with Dr. Charles R. Holt, D.O., while he traveled to Uganda on a medical scholarship from Yale University sponsored by Johnson & Johnson,” the charity said in a statement on Facebook.

LifeZette sat down with two key leaders of this Uganda-based charity during their recent trip to Washington, D.C. Holt, a doctor of osteopathic medicine, is president and director of Caring Hands International Ministries and Medical Missions, while Susan Nalugo is the co-founder and financial director.

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Charles Holt opened up about his journey of faith: “I was born-again when I was 22,” Holt said.

He was interviewing at a veterinarian school in Ames, Iowa, as he was finishing college — and the professor gave him a booklet about Christianity. “I don’t remember praying. I don’t remember doing anything, but I walked out of his office — I mean, my feet didn’t even touch the ground,” Holt said.

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See him talk about his journey toward Christianity — and what inspires him to this day:

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Susan Nalugo is from Uganda and is straightforward about her difficult life as an orphan, but she is grateful for what she has in life right now and wants to help others.

“I grew up an orphan … and one time I was invited by a friend to go take care of sick kids in an orphanage. And when I went there I realized how privileged I was because these were babies who [knew] nothing about their families,” said Nalugo.

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“Life is full of challenges,” she said. “But it’s rewarding to look out for people who are less privileged and try to make an impact in their lives, change their future — and you see them smiling.”

Watch Nalugo discuss her early life and why she is thankful:

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When asked how other Americans — who generally feel far removed from the issues faced by the people of Africa — can help people around the world, Holt’s answer was very simple.

“If you say you are a follower of Jesus, you have to go to the authority of those trials and tribulations, and help others grow as Christians. Just get out of your comfort zone,” said Holt.

Listen to Holt talk about his important mission and how others can be inspired to help:

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Holt and Nalugo work tirelessly to help those who have no way to help themselves. They are deeply inspired through their faith — and hope that others will join the effort in saving the poorest of the poor around the globe.

(photo credit, article image: Toshihiro Horii)

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