Mainstream Media Ignore Rising Tide of Left-Wing Violence

Antifa on the move, but networks and CNN spend little airtime covering the radical group

Increased public awareness of Antifa and the violent tactics it employs to further its radical political objectives is making it harder and harder to ignore left-wing violence. But that’s not stopping the mainstream media from trying their best to do so.

“We should all be able to agree that violence is bad, regardless of the ideology. But liberal journalists aren’t interested in condemning the Alt-Left, Antifa, or whatever you want to call these people,” said Scott Whitlock, associate editor for the Media Research Center’s NewsBusters.

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“In Boston [two weekends ago], ABC described them as ‘passionate’ and said that only a few were ‘rowdy.’ Keep in mind, this is a protest that resulted in 33 arrests,” Whitlock told LifeZette. Two Saturdays ago, he said, “we saw a bomb plot at a Confederate memorial in Houston be disrupted. The networks ignored it.”

Last Monday, for example, 25-year-old Andrew Schneck was charged after being arrested the previous weekend for attempting to blow up a statue of Richard Dowling, a Confederate lieutenant, in Hermann Park in Houston, Texas. Schneck was found with the powerful liquid explosives nitroglycerin and hexamethylene triperoxide diamine.

Last Sunday, in Laguna Beach, Florida, black Trump supporter R.C. Maxwell was punched in the head by a white Antifa protester, 20-year-old Richard Losey, who was arrested on Tuesday for assault and making terroristic threats.

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Maxwell had engaged the protesters in an attempt at discussion when he was attacked.

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“I went over to the left side to see if I could engage them with dialogue, and I was instantly encircled by the so-called anti-fascists,” Maxwell told local news Fox 11 on Wednesday.
During the segment, Fox 11’s Bill Melugin said that he and his crew saw Maxwell get shoved by Antifa members earlier in the day.

“Dialogue is being shut down, and free speech is being attacked,” said Maxwell. “If the optics were completely different and I was a Black Lives Matter supporter and I was attacked on the Trump side … I would be [in the] spotlight on CNN right now.”

But despite mounting evidence of the threat the violent militant Left poses to free speech, the mainstream media insist the only danger lies in the specter of far-right violence.

On Wednesday, CNN aired a “Pulse of the People” segment in which Alisyn Camerota interviewed a panel of Trump voters about President Trump’s response to Charlottesville — and reacted with clear surprise when those questioned largely agreed with the president’s response and thought that left-wing violence was equally as bad as right-wing.

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“I didn’t see anything wrong with it, I mean he addressed the problem, I mean let’s face the reality there are problems on both sides,” said Trump supporter Bobby Viera.

“Do you think that neo-Nazis and white supremacists are the same as those who are protesting them?” asked Camerota, visibly upset.

“I think it’s ridiculous to have me chose between Hitler and Stalin, which is what I consider both groups are,” Viera responded.

Viera went on to explain that Antifa is Stalinist and fundamentally the same as militant neo-Nazi groups because it uses violence to suppress political opponents and promote its agenda. He mentioned specifically the riots at Berkeley, which saw mass arson.

“They didn’t use those tactics in Charlottesville,” insisted Camerota.

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Perhaps. But at least one protester was photographed using a homemade flamethrower, and videos and witness reports suggest a number of protesters carried blunt, hand-held weapons, while some were even throwing bricks, bags of human excrement, and chemical agents at rally attendees.

“Remember the Steve Scalise shooting? That was done by a Bernie Sanders supporter. Journalists dropped that story as quickly as they could,” said Whitlock. “It seems clear that the media want to expose violence that can be connected with the Right, bury anything connected with the Left.”

(photo credit, homepage and article images: Ben Schumin, Flickr)

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