Guess What These Liberal Celebs Have in Common?

Certain Hollywood 'stars' just thrill to stand against the leader of the free world — but there's more to the story

While many celebrities have been critical of the president of the United States, some have taken their critiques a step further by promoting the idea that Donald Trump should be “removed” from office — either by impeachment or by more aggressive means.

They show their true colors as obstructionists, of course. They stand for nothing, only against something — or more specifically, someone.

The goal for the country here is unclear. Do they want Vice President Mike Pence to take over the Oval Office? Do they want the 2016 election results thrown out so that proven liar and warmonger Hillary Clinton can somehow assume office?

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None of these scenarios sound particularly healthy for a country that is already very culturally divided, but these obstructionist celebs care only about their small bubble of existence and little else.

Here’s a look at five celebrities who want President Trump removed from office (or so they say) — and how their discourse only hurts the culture.

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1.) Chelsea Handler. Handler, the same individual who said she would not want to interview the first lady because “she can barely speak English,” has suggested a military coup to remove Trump from office. So much for the idea that liberals are supposed to be the party of peace.

[lz_third_party align=center width=630 includes=https://twitter.com/chelseahandler/status/896034013214908416?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.breitbart.com%2Fbig-hollywood%2F2017%2F08%2F14%2Fchelsea-handler-calls-military-coup-overthrow-trump%2F]

She has also suggested that anyone remotely supportive of our president is a racist.

[lz_third_party align=center width=630 includes=https://twitter.com/chelseahandler/status/896715364603641856?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.breitbart.com%2Fbig-hollywood%2F2017%2F08%2F14%2Fchelsea-handler-calls-military-coup-overthrow-trump%2F]

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Imagine, for a moment, a conservative celebrity’s suggestion that military generals forcibly remove former President Barack Obama from office. There would be serious consequences for that individual and harsh backlash indeed. Yet Handler says these things about Trump because it’s “safe,” and it feeds her base of extremist supporters — not because her ideas are in any way healthy for public discourse.

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2.) Rosie O’Donnell. Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell have never been on the best terms, but the relationship seems more one-sided now that the former is president and O’Donnell’s Twitter feed has turned into 24/7 Trump hysteria.

O’Donnell sent out a tweet in the midst of the recent Charlottesville chaos with the hashtag #25thAmendment — suggesting she wanted Trump removed from office and replaced.

In the months since Trump’s presidential victory, O’Donnell has suggested martial law, bullied Trump’s youngest son Barron, been caught spreading fake news about the president, and even promoted a game that allowed players to push Trump off a cliff.

It would be easy to dismiss this individual, as clearly the comedian has little to no credibility left, but she has over a million followers on Twitter. She may be a questionable voice in the culture, but she is still someone many people listen to — which at times is frightening.

3.) John Legend. In response to a tweet from House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) in which he condemned white supremacy and the violent actions that occurred in Charlottesville, singer John Legend had this to say:

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So yet another celebrity is calling for impeachment. Great — that’s always healthy for our country.

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4.) Stephen King. It’s difficult to see how the bestselling writer could be caught up in the Trump hysteria that’s taken hold of so many other artists. While he’s always been an outspoken liberal, King in the past has shown himself to be thoughtful and well-rounded through many of his books and public speeches.

Now, however, his discourse amounts to tweets that are no doubt losing him fans. After the president blocked the author on Twitter, King responded by “joking” that he should maybe kill himself. Really? 

[lz_third_party align=center width=630 includes=https://twitter.com/StephenKing/status/874646427091251201?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Ftime.com%2F4816499%2Fstephen-king-trump-block-rowling%2F]

In another simple tweet, the author said, “The news is real. The president is fake.”

[lz_third_party align=center width=630 includes=https://twitter.com/stephenking/status/884179939905466368?lang=en]

King also recently tweeted, “Donald Trump is unfit for office. Needs to be removed.” Again, he provides no details about what he sees as the future once Trump is “removed” from office — but it’s likely he doesn’t care. Many of these celebs are too blinded by their hatred of the man in the Oval Office to see a way forward.

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5.) Michael Moore. This name should not surprise anyone. Moore stayed relatively quiet while Barack Obama was in the White House, though the former president did much that should have angered the supposedly liberal Moore.

Once Trump took office, however, Moore saw opportunity. He has been cashing in big time. He currently has a Broadway show that is based on the president, and he has a TV series coming along, too. Oh — and he’s already released a movie with Trump’s name in the title. Did we say this guy was an opportunist and hypocrite yet?

Trump has only given Moore’s career a resurgence.

Moore’s phony outrage has come to light in more extreme ways as well, as he’s joined the crowds who have been chanting for Trump’s removal from office.

At the Women’s March in January, Moore said he would work tirelessly to remove Trump from office and said the president “will not last four years.” He later suggested Trump would be “impeached” in the middle of his second term.

Moore, actually, does not want Trump removed from office. It’s the last thing he wants. With a Republican in office again, the filmmaker has been able to become the resistance once more. If he were truly upset about the things he screams about on Twitter these days, he would have been just as critical of Obama.

Trump has only given Moore’s career a resurgence — and it’s likely he wants that resurgence to last as long as possible.

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