Gorka: Number of ‘America First’ Advisers ‘Dwindling’ in the White House

Former deputy assistant says many remaining Trump officials 'probably would have been there had Hillary won'

Sebastian Gorka, President Donald Trump’s former deputy assistant, warned that “the numbers are dwindling” of senior-level officials left in the White House who support the “Make America Great Again” agenda the president campaigned on, during an interview Monday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

Gorka, who resigned from his post Friday so he can “support the president from the outside more effectively,” left the White House a week after fellow conservative-populist and former chief strategist Steve Bannon left the administration. Noting that several key conservative-populists were removed from the National Security Council in recent weeks as well, Gorka said that most of the president’s remaining senior officials do not adhere to the campaign platform Trump championed against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

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“The people in the White House who are there — who probably would have been there had Hillary won — they don’t represent the ‘MAGA’ agenda,” Gorka said.

“I thought for a second, ‘Who’s left?’ And I came up with four names of people who — at senior levels — who are associated with and are most vociferous in their support of the original agenda,” he added.”The numbers are dwindling, but it doesn’t matter because sooner or later the president will understand that the people associated with his victory have to be associated with him personally.”

Noting that he was “not here to attack individual cabinet members,” Gorka said that he “promised the president that I would support him. And that’s what he expects, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

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“I’m there to support his mission. And the president reached out to me on Saturday. He said that he’s going to stay on message, and that he hopes I can support him from the outside,” Gorka said. “And yes — that’s absolutely what I’m going to do.”

Although the former deputy assistant promised to support Trump and his political agenda, he said that he could not and would not “exploit” his own loyal supporters and the American people “who chose the MAGA agenda on November the 8th.”

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“I think that’s not only ungentlemanly and unseemly. It’s morally not right. I want people to understand we will win,” Gorka said, noting that he and Bannon are on the same page about that. “We are going to support the president and make the things that he stands for happen, whether we’re picking up a government paycheck or whether we’re private citizens. And I wanted people to understand that.”

If Trump intends to become a successful president, Gorka urged him to remember and hold fast to the “three reasons” he was elected in the first place: “[Build] the wall, unleash the American economy, and, lastly, destroy the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.”

“We have to stay on message, because that’s what the American people voted for last year,” he said.”The fact that the president’s message is being quite diluted by those left inside the building should be of concern to all people who want to make American great again.”

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