On Sunday, September 3, Texans of every faith will gather in prayer for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey — thanks to an official day of prayer Gov. Greg Abbott established on Thursday.

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen Pence, gathered with Gov. Abbott, Rev. Franklin Graham, and survivors of the hurricane outside the destroyed First Baptist Church in Rockport, Texas. The aim: to discuss a path forward and to unite in prayer for all those affected.

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“We all know one thing, that is there is no storm as tough as the people of Texas,” Gov. Abbott began his statement. “We will rebuild affected areas all across the state of Texas.”

“Together today, here at this church, it’s important that we remember the greatest power that exists is the power of God. It was God who touched the lives of so many Texans that came to the rescue of other Texans, who empower them to pull people out of the water and literally save them,” Abbott continued. “I think it’s very important that I issue and sign a proclamation here today, by the power vested in me by the state of Texas, I am declaring this Sunday, September 3, as a day of prayer in Texas.”

Throughout the initial response to the horrible devastation that has resulted from this hurricane, there have been countless stories — and thousands we will probably never hear — of neighbor helping neighbor, and strangers reaching out to aid others, during this difficult time.

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The nation has been praying for all those whose homes, belongings, and even family members lie beneath several feet of water, and on Sunday, Texans will unite in prayer to lift up their sorrows and tribulations to God.

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“Let me tell you, the Lord Jesus Christ, He is still here. He’s not going to leave you, He’s not going to forsake you, and we are so thrilled that the governor is here today and the vice president of the United States and his wife, Karen,” said Rev. Franklin Graham at the press conference.

Graham continued: “Let’s pray. Our heavenly Father, we thank you that you love us and we thank you that you sent your son to this earth to take our sins. We pray for all the residents of this church and the other church and, Lord, we pray that recovery will come quickly and that you will bring an army of volunteers from across the country to come help us rebuild. We thank you today for the governor and the vice president; they have come to see for themselves the situation. We ask that you would bring calm to this community and they will see that in the end of this community will be stronger than better than ever.”

Vice President Mike Pence also made a statement of encouragement to the people gathered before turning the microphone over to his wife, who offered a sincere prayer.

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“Heavenly Father, we thank you for the amazing people who are an inspiration to us all across the United States and across the world. We pray you would build them up, give them the strength and the endurance as they go forward. We thank you for the first responders and those who at this very moment are saving lives,” prayed second lady Karen Pence.

“We pray for their safety and a blessing on them. We thank you for every level — it’s such an inspiration to see so many who have given so much and so selflessly come alongside their neighbors. We thank you for this; we know there you are. We pray for your blessing on the state of Texas and relieving them as they go through some hard days going forward. In your name we pray, amen,” she concluded.

Throughout this difficult time when so many Texans have lost everything, they have banded together, given back, and prayed for one another.