The 5 Most Religious Athletes

Image Credit: Ismael Paramo / Unsplash

We know all about the professional sporty life that sports stars lead all year round, we know about what fashion brands they endorse, we know who they are dating (eventually, at least), we know about their parents, their childhood, their celebrity crushes, their daily mantra, their kids and even about their pets, some of who even have their very own startlingly popular Instagram accounts for the host of people who follow both the athletes and their pet pooches with starry eyes. For lists of sports betting sites where you can win big, check out Meta.reviews.

But, isn’t it also high time that you get to know about the spiritual and religious practices that your favorite sports person follows? It is a great opportunity to know about the inner workings and beliefs of your sports idols and to know how to be a better person than you already are!

Here are 5 of the most religious athletes in the world:

  1. Tony Dungy, Prior NFL Coach: This man is not only a very well known athlete but also an intensely religious and spiritual man who was asked by President George W. Bush to head the President’s Faith Council. At this point of time in the present day, Dungy does not really speak about religion on any public platforms, but can instead be seen in the NFL suits picking up all those players who have either hit rock bottom, personally or professionally, or are troubled in one way or the other, in a way acting as a mentor.
  2. Josh Hamilton, Star Player, Texas Rangers: This star sportsperson has a lot of history with drug and alcohol abuse. With a lot on his plate, Hamilton took an oath and got clean and has been clean since 2005. Hamilton has claimed over and over again that he owes his entire recovery to Jesus Christ, who brought him back from the edge of despair and drugs by an inch of his life.
  3. Morgan Pressel, Star Golfer, LGPA: Although she is so very young, Pressel has already carved out a niche for herself in the world of golfing. Being Jewish, Pressel believes that her faith has had a major hand in egging her on towards her goals and this is also how she met her first boyfriend. They met at a Bible class!
  4. Hakeem Olajuwon, Retired Star Player, NBA: Known at one point of time for running his mouth on the field, causing technical souls and squabbling with his opponents, this star player has now become a devout Muslim who lives in Jordan with his family as they focus on Islamic studies.
  5. Jake Peavy, Star Player, Chicago White Sox: Giving his heart and soul to God at the age of 7 along with the 700 Club, Peavy still believes firmly that wherever he is in life today has much to do with his faith and love for God.

There you go! Read through the life stories of these star players and know how their faith in God changed them for the better, whatever religion they might belong to. Religion is not always an uncool thing, as these super cool athletes show you here, is it?

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