Sometimes Air Travel Just ‘Stinks’

Industry can't catch a break — and neither can hardworking customers across the nation who pay the price

A foul odor has caused some turbulence for American Airlines passengers and crew members. At least three people were taken to the hospital after falling ill on an American Airlines flight from Houston, Texas, to Miami, Florida, on Tuesday morning.

The reason for the illness may have been a foul smell that many detected before the plane landed at its destination.

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An American Airlines representative told Fox News: “Prior to landing at Miami International Airport (MIA), three crew members reported a possible odor in the cabin of American Airlines Flight 1625.”

Once the aircraft carrying 98 passengers and five crew members landed at the airport, three of the crew members asked to be taken to the local hospital to be evaluated. An American Airlines source said one passenger was also evaluated by medical personnel at the gate, but the passenger did not ask for any additional medical attention.

The source also said the aircraft is currently being inspected by the maintenance team. The cause of the smell remains under investigation.

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This is not the first time American Airlines has been caught in a smelly situation, however.

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This incident comes a week after passengers on a Raleigh-Durham flight detected an unpleasant odor during the flight, causing one of the passengers to request medical attention after the plane had landed and everyone had gotten off.

It also comes two weeks after a plane had to be delayed in Los Angeles because of a strong urine smell coming from the cabin.

This Fox News piece is used by permission.

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