Michael Moore Obsessed with Trump: More Proof

Filmmaker thinks the president is a 'loser' and lashes out — to stir up attention for his own projects

Considering his utter obsession with the man and the debt he owes the president for his own career resurgence, Michael Moore may actually be a closeted Donald Trump supporter.

He tweets constantly about him, breaks down and discusses nearly every detail of the commander-in-chief’s days — and works on projects that revolve around the president in one way or another.

In one of his latest Trump-related tweets, Moore committed the irony of all ironies by calling the president a “loser.”

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“Hey loser—you LOST. You lost on Nov 8 & you lost on Friday. You hold fake power that was not given to u by the majority of Americans. Loser,” the filmmaker tweeted.

Moore was responding to a tweet by Trump in which the president urged Senate Republicans to fully repeal and replace Obamacare.

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Many people mocked Moore’s tweet, with some even trying to educate him about how the Constitution works.

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Michael Moore is currently hard at work on a Broadway play based around the president, as well as a similarly themed television series. The president has been nothing but good for Moore’s career; this is quite a change, considering that Moore remained mostly silent during Obama’s eight years in office. The former president did and said things that would have and should have appalled a younger Moore.

The liberal filmmaker’s previous silence and current hypocrisy only prove he is simply an opportunist. When he calls Trump a “loser,” those are empty words from someone with very little to offer.

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