“I’m hoping this song inspires people to come together,” Joy Villa told LifeZette about her newest single, “Make America Great Again.”

The song is available to purchase and listen to today — and its title should not be a surprise. Villa, 26, has been honest and straightforward about her support for President Donald Trump ever since she wore an attention-getting Make America Great Again dress to the 2017 Grammy Awards earlier this year.

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It was a bold statement, especially within an artistic community that has become increasingly less friendly to Trump supporters and creative conservatives.

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“Where have we gone astray? It seems like we have lost our way” — these are some of the lyrics of Villa’s new song. The native Californian said the tune is “a love song for America.”

Notwithstanding the title of the track, Villa revealed her goal had little to do with politics. “Artists create the future, and right now I see a lot of destruction to our future,” she said, citing the aggressive rhetoric coming from many of today’s more liberal artists. “Unfortunately, what the art in Hollywood is doing right now is making us more divisive. It’s making us confused. It’s making us so angry.”

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It’s that division that Villa wants her music to help end. “I have a lot of friends in the [political] middle who don’t feel represented,” she said. “It’s really out of control.”

She said celebrities who fuel the fire of division and extremism are “not really doing anything productive.”

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With the new song and an openness on social media about her support for Trump, Villa is in an odd position. Recent history has shown that Hollywood and the arts do not have power structures in place that are particularly friendly to anyone remotely politically conservative.

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Still, Villa said she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her sales have only gone up since she “came out” as a conservative, and she doesn’t really need support from Hollywood anyway, she feels. “They’ve never given me opportunities, so I haven’t lost any of those opportunities,” she said. “I’ve always done it my own way.”

While she admitted it’s “more popular to be liberal” in Hollywood, Villa believes the future will only get better for creative conservatives, as they become more open and help each other out. “We just have to find each other,” she said. “That’s what’s happening now.”

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She also believes those calling for complete boycotts of Hollywood and the arts are going too far and depriving themselves of the work that many great conservative artists are making. “Hollywood is not a lost cause. Other artists can shine the light, and it can always come back.”

And what of President Trump? Some six months into his presidency, does Villa think he’s fulfilling his promise of making America great again? “I think he’s done amazing,” she said. “I love that he’s moving fast.”

She added that he’s “pushing people to work” and has already soared “leaps and bounds over the last administration.”

“Make America Great Again” is available now.