Four Action Movies Every American Needs to See

Never mind the great stories they tell — the great actors who starred displayed rugged individualism and unrelenting courage

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3.) “Death Wish,” 1974. This film was released at an important time. Crime was seen as out of control by many and the cultural norm in movies was to put the storytelling focus on the perpetrators of crime, rather than on the victims. “Death Wish” was having none of this.

Charles Bronson stars in the unforgiving vigilante action movie in which a regular, everyday family man decides to pick up a gun after his wife is murdered by muggers.

The film was a cultural phenomenon when it was released, especially in New York; theaters there were packed week after week. So hungry was the audience for Bronson’s Paul Kersey vigilante that four more movies were made, each more action packed and over-the-top than the one before.

The original film is riveting and not just for its grounded action and heavy drama. It’s a movie that makes real points about violence, victimhood, protecting one’s family, and even arming oneself.

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“Death Wish” is about as unforgivably American as a movie gets. Americans love their vigilantes, after all, whether they’re caped or not; our country was founded upon the idea that one man or woman can make a difference when the system is failing.

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Beyond the incredible relevance of this film today (which is why a remake drops in November), “Death Wish” is a perfect action movie, a semitruck of a thing that never lets its foot off the gas pedal. (go to page 4 to continue reading) [lz_pagination]

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