First Look: CBS Highlights America’s Heroes in ‘SEAL Team’

LifeZette gets a sneak peek at the pilot for a new fall show — and shares the best bits right here

America’s Navy SEALs are getting the Hollywood treatment from CBS.

“SEAL Team” is one the network’s new shows debuting this fall, alongside a reboot of the classic “S.W.A.T.” television series and “Young Sheldon,” a spinoff-prequel of “The Big Bang Theory,” the most popular sitcom currently airing.

Starring David Boreanaz (“Angel,” “Bones”), “SEAL Team” is a look at the professional and personal lives of some of the most elite military operatives in the world on SEAL Team Six. LifeZette got a first look at the pilot — and this may be a show you’ll want to add to your calendar come September 27.

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Surprisingly few programs examine America’s military forces. It’s become a refreshing and growing trend to highlight veterans and military servicemen and women more recently, with series such as History Channel’s “Six” and USA Network’s “Shooter.”

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“SEAL Team” is a strong addition to this developing list. David Boreanaz stars as Jason Hayes, a man struggling with the loss of a brother in arms and dealing with an overconfident new addition to his team: Clay Spenser (Max Thierot), who is not winning any popularity contests thanks to a recent tell-all book written by his veteran father.

The opening episode follows Hayes and his team on multiple missions and shows the struggles that can come with balancing family time with a job that requires constant life-or-death decisions.

The show is obviously a Hollywood version of the gritty reality of the SEAL missions, but it certainly represents a step forward for artists and producers in depicting military servicemen and women.

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Not too long ago, the majority of offerings about the war on terror were over-politicized propaganda. Soldier characters were treated as second-rate or simply props for filmmakers to make social or political points.

It’s a trend that has mostly ceased, thanks to films such as “American Sniper” and “Lone Survivor,” and thanks to groups such as Got Your 6, which is fighting for better and more accurate depictions of veterans and service members in television and movies.

The focus in “SEAL Team” is on the men and women wearing the uniform, which is right where it belongs. It’s an apolitical picture of the men and women on the front lines of battle — and there should be more shows like it.

Also impressive is the level of filmmaking on display here. Though this is a network show, the action is filmed extremely well, and the pilot is full of some genuinely heart-pounding moments. The cast is great and committed, too, including a bit part by Michael Rooker (“The Walking Dead”).

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Above all else, “SEAL Team” deserves praise for simply existing. Our Navy SEALs and service members deserve the full and dramatic storytelling treatment from Hollywood. Their tales are some of the most gripping and enlightening around — and one hopes “SEAL Team” will be a platform to successfully tell many of those stories.

“SEAL Team” debuts on CBS on Sept. 27, 2017, at 9 p.m. ET.

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