Faith Leader Joins Fight Against Teen Vogue’s Disgraceful Articles

Franklin Graham called the material 'trash' as thousands of parents and others protest magazine's graphic content

Christian parents have been expressing their outrage that a magazine aimed at today’s tweens and teenagers is giving young people explicit directions about controversial sexual acts — information that is wholly inappropriate for children in general.

“How disgusting,” evangelical leader Franklin Graham said of the material in a Facebook post. “As parents and grandparents, regardless of one’s faith, we shouldn’t stand by and let this kind of trash be pawned off on our children.”

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Many middle school-aged girls read Teen Vogue, a popular fashion and entertainment magazine.

“What about the teenagers? What about the LGBTQ young people who need to know about this [the acts of sodomy described in the article] for their sexual health? I have got you covered,” wrote author Gigi Engle; she’s a sex educator in New York City.

In the graphic piece, Teen Vogue shares blunt details and images about highly questionable sexual acts. Mom-blogger Elizabeth Johnston voiced her frustration in a video as she burned a copy of Teen Vogue in her backyard.

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“I was truly flabbergasted,” Johnston said on journalist Todd Starnes’ radio show.

Johnston, a married mother of 10 children, is encouraging others to ask local libraries, gas stations, and grocery stores to remove Teen Vogue from their shelves. Johnson’s video on Facebook already has over 11 million views.

“‘OPERATION PULL TEEN VOGUE’ is underway! Teen Vogue Magazine must be pulled from all store shelves! It is a danger to children,” Johnston posted on the Facebook page of her blog, “The Activist Mommy.”

Evangelist Franklin Graham agreed with that point of view. “Good for her! She’s right — this content is perverse and morally degenerate,” he wrote, also calling it “obscene.”

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“Your local drug store or grocery store that is selling this magazine might not be aware that they’re selling pornography,” Graham said. “Let’s make them aware and ask them to take Teen Vogue off their shelves.”

Over 5,000 people have signed a petition from the non-profit organization “Enough is Enough” to “say no to Teen Vogue” and oppose the sexually explicit content.

“As a parent, grandparent, internet-safety expert and child advocate, I found the recent article in Teen Vogue deeply troubling on many levels,” said Donna Rice Hughes, president of Enough is Enough, in a Christian Post article.

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It’s irresponsible for the magazine to post and promote such content, she argued.

“So to all concerned parents, please heed this warning: In our current pornified culture of ‘anything goes,’ don’t assume that popular magazines or websites are safe,” Hughes wrote. “In fact, it’s better to assume that many are not.”

The online story added one “little” update since its original publication — “to include the importance of using protection” during sex acts. The original Teen Vogue article apparently left out that advice.

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Other current article headlines on the Teen Vogue website (in case parents were wondering) include: “Don’t Just Sit There: Now Is the Time to RESIST Donald Trump’s America,” “Here’s How Jamaica’s LGBTQ Community is Resisting Homophobia,” and “Someone Made a Fake Masturbation Video of Bella Thorne — And She’s NOT Happy.”

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