Dean Cain: Much of Hollywood’s Rhetoric ‘Is Completely Out of Control’

Actor opens up about being a creative conservative, about bringing 'Lois & Clark' back — and about fatherhood

Dean Cain is one of the busiest people in Hollywood. While most might have slowed down after playing the world’s strongest hero, Superman, for four years (on television’s “Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman”), Cain hasn’t quit hitting the gas.

The actor is hosting the reality series “Masters of Illusion,” and he’s been a series regular on the popular “Supergirl.” He’s busy producing documentaries, writing for and acting in various films. He also appears on television panels; he stands up for what he believes and is pushing back against some of the more extreme political and cultural rhetoric of today — not always a popular endeavor in Hollywood.

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Cain, born in Michigan and now based in L.A., took some time to talk to LifeZette this week about a variety of topics, including being a conservative in Hollywood, his desire to be Superman again — much more.

Question: You do many con appearances and have a lot of direct contact with fans. Many actors like to keep a great distance between themselves and fans. Do you find interacting with fans benefits you as a performer?
Answer: Only in the last few years have I begun [doing this]. I was actually unaware these events took place, but I’ve had very positive experiences. When you’re filming a television show, you’re on set 16 to 18 hours every day with the same cast and crew. You’re quite isolated. You get lost in the work and don’t hear much about how the show affects real people.

One of my favorite things to hear, especially having played Superman, is when someone explains they watched the show as a young person and [that] it helped them grow and/or deal with problems. Or [they’ll say] they had a special bond with a parent or grandparent, and the show reminds them of that special person, that special bond. I also hear things like “That show saved my life,” or “It helped me get through high school,” or “It was the only show I could stay up and watch past my bedtime!”

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Q: You recently mentioned you’d be interested in continuing “Lois & Clark” with a fifth season or a follow-up movie — which got many people excited. You’re still in the DC family with appearances on “Supergirl” and other comic book properties, so is there a realistic chance of a revival of that show happening?
A: “Lois & Clark” was not supposed to end after four seasons. We were ready to shoot a fifth season, but my co-star, Teri Hatcher, got pregnant. Filming is incredibly grueling, so the decision was made to end the show. That left us in a very strange place because at the end of season four, Lois and Clark had had a child delivered to their doorstep with no explanation. I still don’t know whose child that was!

I think it would be incredible to shoot six new episodes of “Lois & Clark” and catch up with the characters 20 years later. It would be amazing to check in on Lois and Clark and Superman after all this time. It has never been done. How is their relationship? Do they have kids? Do the kids have superpowers? What obstacles have they overcome? Have they aged? What is life like now for them? For the world? There are so many questions and possibilities! It could be so smart and interesting if done correctly.

“It would be incredible to shoot six new episodes of ‘Lois & Clark.'”

Obviously, with Netflix, Amazon and so many other amazing outlets, there have been a number of reboots of old shows. I certainly believe that “Lois & Clark” could be among the most interesting of reboots — especially given our lack of a true ending. (go to page 2 to continue reading)[lz_pagination]

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