Victims of Illegal-Alien Crime Finally Have a ‘VOICE’

Media bury their plight, but new government office is finally recognizing their suffering

That would be the new Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement office in the Department of Homeland Security. VOICE, authorized in a January executive order by President Trump, opened its doors in late April.

“We are giving people who are victimized by illegal aliens for the first time a voice of their own,” said Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly, gesturing toward crime victims who attended the opening at ICE headquarters in Washington.”They’re casualties of crimes that should never have taken place because the people who victimized them should never have been here in our country.”

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Not surprisingly, the apologists for illegal immigrants weren’t pleased.

“This really isn’t about helping victims,” said Brent Wilkes, CEO of the League of United Latin American Citizens, about giving a VOICE to those victimized by illegal aliens. “It’s really about trying to vilify the immigrant population.” (Note the intentional omission of the qualifying adjective “illegal.”)

What Wilkes says is simply not true, and now, with VOICE as a resource to set the record straight, LULAC and its open-borders allies will no longer be able to throw law-abiding legal immigrants under the bus in service of shielding criminal illegal aliens. But that won’t keep them from trying.

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Peter Parisi, a former longtime editor for the Washington Times, is a freelance writer and editor based in Northern Virginia.

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