TV Show Attempts to Normalize the Act of Assisted Suicide

'You do realize how wrong this is morally, right?' says one character, to no avail — 'It even says so in the Bible'

Is it OK for a grandmother to kill herself with painkillers?

NCB’s “The Carmichael Show” addressed the deeply controversial issue in an episode this week.

[lz_ndn video=32513715]

The show’s Grandma Francis character took matters into her own hands on Wednesday night’s third-season episode. Francis’ grandsons actually assisted in her death.

Grandma Francis has Alzheimer’s disease. “This woman is suffering from a brain disease,” her son, Joe, said, pushing back on the notion of her assisted suicide. “She is the last person on Earth whose judgment we need to start trusting.”

“I don’t want Grandma to go through with this either, but think about it like this: Grandma wants to go out on top,” one of the grandsons, Bobby, said.

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The controversy continued to play out.

“We’re talking about suicide,” his dad, Joe, said. “You do realize how wrong that is morally, legally — it even says so in the Bible.”

Watch how the scene played out here:

“Predictably, by the end of the episode, even the usually conservative Joe comes to terms with his mother’s decision and stands by her side when she takes the painkiller overdose,” Media Research Center’s Newsbusters reported.

The normalization of assisted suicide in mainstream culture is clearly not OK.

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