Too Much Summer Sun? Eight Natural Fixes That Work

You swore you'd take better care of your skin — now it's time to feel good again after a bad burn

Summer is here, and that means more time outdoors in the sunshine. Although we all love a day at the beach, it is essential to wear a good sunscreen whenever we go outside — we’ve got to protect our skin, and there are no shortcuts.

On occasion, however, we spend too many hours in the sun or somehow wind up with a scorching, painful sunburn. So here’s how to alleviate the redness and stinging naturally.

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1.) Aloe vera. The aloe vera plant is one of nature’s most popular remedies to naturally relieve a sunburn. It reduces redness and discomfort and moisturizes the skin. Keep an aloe plant at home for this reason, as these plants are easy to care for — and if you don’t have one, an aloe vera gel from the store will also work.

2.) Baking soda. Making a paste out of baking soda and water can lessen the stinging sensation from a sunburn. Simply apply it to the affected areas and rinse with cool water.

3.) Potatoes. In case you don’t know, you can make a potato paste by blending them in a food processor with water until they form a paste. Simply soak cotton balls in the paste and apply to your sunburn for instant relief!

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4.) Cucumber. A cucumber is another vegetable that has been used for centuries to treat sunburns. Make one into a paste to cool your skin. Cucumbers have an antioxidant property that will also help to heal your burn!

5.) Apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar can also help to heal your burn. Take a shower in cool water, then spray your burn with apple cider vinegar. Or you can soak in a cool bath, into which you’ve poured one cup of vinegar, for instant relief.

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6.) Witch hazel. The magic ingredient in witch hazel is tannin. It helps to reduce pain and heal your sunburn. Soak cotton balls in it and apply it to the affected areas for 30 minutes a day, four times daily.

7.) Mint tea. Mint tea isn’t just for drinking anymore. It also contains tannins and is a natural way to reduce inflammation.

Apply cooled tea to a cloth and then apply it to your burn. It will help speed up your recovery.

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8.) Water. Something as simple as drinking water can help your sunburn. After all, you’ve spent too much time in the sun and are probably dehydrated.

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By drinking water, you’ll ensure a speedy recovery back to optimum health.

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